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    I completely agree, Marsha. As someone who doesn’t have respect for Walt’s ideology and just wants to force IPs into and onto everything, Iger is the WORST type of executive. Greedy for sure, why not pass on profits to employees or better yet, improve guest experience by upping the entertainment dept budget to what it was 12yrs ago, with more characters, parades at all four parks and a nighttime MK parade again!!! He was supposed to retire a while back but was “asked” by the board to stay on. Maybe Walt Disney company needs new board members as well.

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    Marsha Hoffman

    As a 200% Disney fan, I find it disheartening that you give the CEO on 80% pay increase, and he excepts it, while jacking up the prices of Disney park tickets and packages, and the cost of Disney cruise packages. It would behoove the Disney company, its board and Mr. Iger to remember who made you that successful in the first place. If it weren’t for the public buying your brand, you wouldn’t have this success. How about passing some of that back to your biggest supporters? I understand, Disney is ultimately a business. But there is a big difference between being succesful and being downright greedy.

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