Adam the Woo ‘The Disney Explorer’ is No Longer Welcome at Disney

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One of the biggest Disney fans (if crazy is the monitor of it) is Adam the Woo. Adam has a history of “breaking into” backstage areas of Disney and filming and chatting about what he sees for his popular blog and youtube videos. But it is no longer to be for Adam the Woo and Disney.

Adam the Woo’s latest adventure was to Hollywood Studios and when he left to return to his car to download pictures and then was returning later to the park he got nabbed by Disney security. If you want to see him tell the whole (very long) story you can see it by clicking HERE.

Disney security issued him a lifetime ban for his “trespassing ways” and Adam the Woo is shocked! He thought he would get a slap on the wrist or some short suspension but not a lifetime ban, he really is upset because he is a HUGE Disney fan.

Well, the story has not ended yet as it seems some of his fans have started a petition to get him allowed back into Disney. I guess we will have to wait and see! Chip has since talked to Adam and he is presently not doing any interviews or really talking about the matter.

Do you think he should have banned for life? Or should he just been slapped on the wrist? Let us know in the comment box below.

Adam the Woo 'The Disney Explorer' is No Longer Welcome at Disney
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14 thoughts on “Adam the Woo ‘The Disney Explorer’ is No Longer Welcome at Disney

  1. Aw poor guy he probably didn’t even know he was tresspassing on private property. More likely he did know, has been warned repeatedly but just didn’t care. He showed how to get into places on Disney property with lower security. Supose someone watching his videos saw a great place to do some harm. Plant a bomb or something? Most other companies would have him locked up. All they did was tell him to never come back. Think about how hard it must be to have the happiest place on earth tell you you are no longer welcome there, EVER!

  2. Wouldn’t it have been nice if none of this happened like it did? I must admit I AM and always will be a fan. I enjoyed seeing the abandoned Disney stuff. Along with the other stuff hes done. BUT, he did tress pass, yes there are rules and bad outcomes for the ones who break the rules. BUT, wouldn’t it be nice if he got permission first? I mean he could have called someone that could have let him have legal access to it? But, then they most likely wouldn’t have let him in. It would be nice if Disney would have hired him for special stuff that us adults would LOVE to see…. but, sadly it didn’t work out that way…..

    With this being said… I will continue to watch his videos both old and new…. I just wished that Disney or someone would have noticed that he was in FACT doing only with people wanted to see…. yes, anyone from Disney who is watching this… there are people out there like me. Who would LOVE to see some of the abandoned and defunct stuff from the parks… be it land that is not being used any longer… to well things in the park that is in storage gathering up dust. It IS interesting, again a LOT of people want to see it… and for me it doesn’t take any of the magic away…(but then again I’ve never been to any thing Disney, except in a Disney Store in a mall lol) But, to me… I would love to look back in history and wonder how it would be like if I could be there at a certain time…. and idk… I’d love to go in time or something…. to when the things that WERE there would still be there…. Then some people have great memories of them being there say 20 years or so ago and there might not be some things that is not there any more… maybe seeing certain things trigger memories? IDK but yeah again its a FACT a lot of people are interested. And Adam the Woo’s videos are awesome… not exactly peachy when it comes to lawful things… but, they are still awesome. Give him a second chance you have to admit he is special 😛

  3. I think it was necessary for Disney to come down so harshly. He not only did it once, but multiple times. Then he went and bragged about it online, again, multiple times. The next thing you know others will try to see if they can get away with it. In addition to the reasons mentioned below, consider this, Disney has an obligation to protect their employees as well. Who knows when some sexual offender/thief decides if this guy can get away with it he will, too? He knew what he was doing was wrong and but chose to trespass anyway. Hope he has fun explaining to his kids why they can’t go to Disney with him……

  4. I think the punishment was light. He knew what he was doing wrong but arrogantly did it anway. He was lucky he got off so easily. Several years ago, while working for a Disney store, I worked with a cast member who previously had been in the college program. She and a friend (non-Disney cast member) went into the tunnels. Only the cast member had an ID. She and her friend wree caught. Since the friend didn’t have an ID, they were arrested, taken to the Orlando jail, banned from the parks for life and she lot her job at the store. Disney parks are a great place and don’t need jerks like him as guests.

  5. I feel that Disney has the right to any punishment they deem appropriate, up to and including pressing charges. Adam was trespassing in areas clearly marked for Cast Members only. These areas are restricted to the public for safety and business reasons. I think a lifetime ban is fair, especially considering that he’s not been shy about the fact that he’s been trespassing for quite some time. Granted his behavior pales in comparison to some others in the Disney fan community, but he was the one who was caught, so he’s the example to be made.

    Is the lifetime ban unfortunate? Yes. Is it unwarranted? No.

    If he had hurt himself backstage, he could have pressed charges against Disney (and possibly won, given the ridiculous state of our court systems regarding personal responsibility). Then Disney might have had to implement additional security measures to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.

    Disney also has proprietary technology behind-the-scenes. In the wrong hands proprietary technology, even if it’s something minute, could give the competition an idea of how Disney magic is created, and possibly the ability to replicate it. That could lead to infringement lawsuits on Disney’s part.

    Then what? Added expenses for Disney, ticket prices are raised (again), and everyone loses. That may be a drastic view, but those of you saying that a lighter punishment is necessary need to look at the big picture.

    Plus, why ruin a kid’s day by exposing the secrets behind the magic?

    TL;DR: The lifetime ban, while unfortunate for Adam, especially in the light of other fan behavior, was fair, and well within Disney’s rights to mete out and enforce.

  6. Someone had to be the example and Adam was “it”. I do not believe it was too harsh. Adam knew the rules every time he walked right past a cast members only sign. Now he claims that he is shocked? Welcome to the world where every action has a consequence.

  7. I have never watched Adam’s videos nor have I ever heard of him. I too think he was lucky to not have been arrested. As much as I would hate being banned from WDW I feel it would be appropriate had I done pulled the same shenanigans. I feel bad that Adam is banned for life but I can’t imagine the encouragement it would give other thrill seekers if Disney would have done anything but what they did. Maybe Adam could change his trespassing ways and adopt a new park to love. I hear there is one just down the road from WDW 🙂

  8. Lifetime? No, but temp-banned, yes. There are reasons they are restricted, even if others have been able to access the same areas. He knew the risks when he started sneaking into those areas, and just because HE doesn’t feel it’s wrong, doesn’t make it ok.

  9. He is lucky they didnt have him arrested. I think a perma-ban was appropriate. There is no reason that people need to sneak in to locations closed to the public. There is a reason that these areas are closed off, security, safety, concern that a poor child will see Mickey Mouse without a head- etc etc etc. He broke the rules, did he expect a cupcake, mickey confetti and a “have a magical day”? I think it would have been fantastic if as they booted him out they did say “have a magical day”. lol follow the rules and you dont get banned – bottom line.

  10. I personally know Adam and I think a lifetime ban is ridiculous! In all the videos he does not tell how he got to those areas. In fact most of those areas are in plain site and can be accessed by anyone. There are hundreds of people who do the same thing he did everyday! I believe Disney is trying to make an example out of him. I hope that Disney and Adam can come to some sort of compromise. At least open the line of communications. Was he wrong for going in places he knew was off limits? Yes, but a LIFETIME ban is NOT the right thing to do. Woo on Adam… Shall you?

  11. Hard to say but I feel that he did not endanger anyone or do any damage to anything so I think this was too harsh but I do know that Disney has done this in the past. The past though it was people who cause damage or possible damage and 1 person pulled a fire alarm which cause panic so they were banned. Disney has to be firm but I do still think this was a little too much.

  12. If I were Disney I would have made him remove the videos and issue a 2 year ban maybe? I think the lifetime ban is a bit harsh. I love the videos, but he was trespassing. I wish I could have video of the backstage magic tour because I took it when I was very young and I don’t remember a lot.

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