ABC’s ‘Lost’ is not coming to Disneyland – Big Surprise

So the rumor mill and petition can now be laid to rest. Jodi Jill is reporting that the big wigs over at Disney has given the thumbs down to the idea. It was still fun spreading it around the net though 🙂

When asked about this possible change, this columnist was told that according to the Disneyland Resort, there will not be any changes to the park. Asked about the idea of a Lost theme taking over part of the Disneyland Resort, the reply was straight forward, as supplied by Suzi Brown Director, Media Relations at Disneyland.

“Disney has no plans for a Lost attraction nor any plans to change Tom Sawyers Island,” responded this Disney honcho.

That official word said, Disneyland fans can go back to playing at the theme park knowing the precious Tom Sawyer Island is intact. Meanwhile, Lost fans can watch their last season (starting February 2) of the ABC show without the outlandish fantasy that something beyond the show’s finale will ever happen in or around The Happiest Place on Earth.


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