A Whole New World of Customizable Options Are Coming To shopDisney Subscriptions

On May 8 magical new customizable features will be added to the Disney Princess Enchanted Collection Subscription service! The Princess subscription service was first introduced in November on shopDisney.com, and offers a new princess theme each month, and now new features are coming to the shopDisney Subscriptions.

New subscribers will have the option to pick a Princess of their choice, and schedule a subscription box to arrive in a specific month, and sign up for even more worry-free plans, including 12 or 4 boxes a year. This is perfect for getting the princesses your little one will love, and at a time when it will be meaningful.

Little princesses-in-training can also discover ‘a whole new world’ of memories with the new Princess Jasmine box from Disney’s Aladdin added to the collection.

Disney Princess Enchanted Collection Subscription Customization Features (Customization will only be available to new subscribers starting May 8.):

  • Pick Your Princess – Pick the Princess of your choice from the selection of princesses available for the delivery month, including a new character added to the selection every other month. For May and June, Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin is the newest addition to the collection. Subscribers can also choose from Ariel or Moana during the months of May/June.
  • Choose the Months that Mean the Most – Whether it’s birthdays, holidays or just those extra-special days, never miss important moments with the new option to schedule a subscription box for a month that means the most! New subscribers can now schedule a box 10 months out.
  • Keep the Magic Going with Worry-Free Plans – Sign up to receive every Princess in the collection, once every month for an entire year (12 boxes), or for a new quarterly plan receiving 4 boxes throughout the year, or continue with the already-existing one-time box purchase option.

What do you think of the new shopDisney Subscriptions features being added? I think they’re a great way to personalize an already incredible service!

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