A Gatsby Evening Transports You to a Time Filled with Magic

a gatsby evening

I love how The Edison transforms for special events and A Gatsby Evening is one of the best events hosted at Disney Springs.  There were so many unexpected and fun surprises the whole evening.  First, we were greeted by glammed stilt walkers and photo ops right inside the front entry.

After entering, we were welcomed by the famous champagne skirt.  Her skirt holds many glasses of freshly poured champagne that is constantly being refilled.  Towards the beginning of the night, we also were offered a specialty pineapple cocktail.  There are plenty of seating and table options on both levels of the venue.  There are also many cozy spots to sneak away if you came with someone special.

Trays of small bites were constantly floating around the room throughout the evening including short rib crostinis, tiny crab cakes, shrimp with gazpacho, and spicy deviled eggs.  Deservingly at its own station was the clothesline bacon.  If you’ve never tried this, you need to!  Thick sliced bacon that is seasoned and seared.

While the food and drinks were good, the entertainment is what blew me away. The live music was incredible!  The mix of classic songs with sultry pop music set the mood for the evening.  My favorite was probably their rendition of the Britney Spears hit “Oops I Did it Again.” Good times! There were also dancers, a talent act, and an aerialist.

My favorite performer, hands down, was the floating table magician.  He baffled us with his card tricks and somehow turned small felt spheres into limes! What?!  He was very entertaining and it was so nice that he performed for your small group.  Another bonus was a professional photographer on hand upstairs.  He took incredible shots that were amazing and complimentary.  I honestly couldn’t believe it because of the quality of the photos.

Oh, and who could leave without dessert.  They came around with trays of chocoalte cake bites, key lime tarts and their specialty cake pops with bubblegum frosting.  The event runs from 7:30-1:00 and has constant entertainment throughout the night.  This event includes the champagne and specialty cocktail but has an extended drink menu for an additional cost.  There was also one other photographer that charged for photos but other than that the food and entertainment were also included in the $79/person price.  I believe this is one of the events that is definitely worth every penny! If you’re going, be sure to dress the part and enjoy the magic of being transported to a previous time in our culture!

Julie de la Fé


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Photo Source: Julie de la Fé




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