A Delicious Popsicle Trio Pops Over to Epcot

epcot flower and garden

A delicious Popsicle Trio has popped its way over to Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival!

This trio consists of Honeydew (left popsicle), Raspberry-Mint (middle popsicle), and Coconut-Lime flavored popsicles (right popsicle). The Honeydew and Raspberry-Mint popsicles have a frozen yogurt consistency while the Coconut-Lime is more like a traditional popsicle.

We found these frozen treats at the Refreshment Port beside the Traveler’s Café and right before the Canada Pavilion.

The Popsicle Trio was only $5.00! Though they melt quickly and you have to eat them right away, they were very refreshing! They also pair perfectly with the Brisket Poutine that is offered at the Refreshment Port as well.

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