7 Questions You Should Not Ask Disney Cast Members

Having visited the parks as much as we have and working there twice, many things have been brought to my attention. That includes some of the strange requests, odd choices, and over-the-top questions that spawn from the minds of guests.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t expected of everyone to have visited the parks as much as we did so there are always new things to learn. That’s for myself included. But there are certain inquiries out there that just don’t need to be asked anymore because they are just almost brought forth verbatim from guest after guest. Also…a little common sense and 30 seconds of extra thought will probably answer the question for you.

Without further ado, here are seven questions that you should not ask cast members. Included is a little bit of information and responses I would have liked to have given as a cast member but couldn’t. That’s of course for those that aren’t yet sure why these questions need to be avoided.

1.) What time does Universal Studios close?

“I’m not entirely sure on that ma’am, but Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be closing at 9:00 PM this evening. Universal’s closing times are probably best received by phone call or driving a good 15 miles off Disney property.”

2.) How do you get these animals to look so realistic?

“Well, the animals here at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are indeed the true thing so the realism is just that…real.”

Folks, Animal Kingdom is full of animals that are real. Hence the name and why it isn’t called It’s A Small World…with Animals.

3.) So tell me…what are the turkey legs really made of?

“I’m going to let you think about that one for a second.”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

4.) Is this dotted line the way we are supposed to go through the park?

“As a matter of fact it is. If you follow along this route through Magic Kingdom, you’ll go right down Main Street, glance at Liberty Square, and travel through¬†Frontierland toward Splash Mountain. If you didn’t see the myth known as Space Mountain, that’s alright because it isn’t on the route anyway.”

5.) Why don’t they close the dome more often when it rains?

Ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, there is no dome over all of Disney property. It has amazed me for years just how many people truly believe there is some kind of transparent dome that actually can be closed to encompass the parks and protect people from inclement weather. This isn’t The Truman Show you know so what you see is what you get. Orlando weather is Disney World weather.

6.) Is Mickey a man or a woman?

“Mickey Mouse is a male and Minnie Mouse is a female.” “But what is he really?”

You’re not going to get a cast member to change their stance on this so you may as well stop trying.

7.) What time is the 3 o’clock parade?

This is indeed the question of all questions and one of the most asked throughout all of Walt Disney World. For those that may be reading this confused and dumbfounded, it is no joke. During my summer college program at Magic Kingdom, this was a question posed to me no less than three times on every single shift I worked. Some guests asked it in a mocking and joking fashion because they get the gag. Others truly asked it with an inquisitive look on their face and awaiting a response.

On so many occasions, I merely wanted to answer with…”6:30.”

Next time you’re at Disney World and looking for a cast member to ask a question of, stop for an second. Look at around at the beautiful surroundings. Take in all the wonderful music and great sounds. Smell the funnel cakes or fresh cotton candy. Then sit back…think about it…and realize if your inquiry is one of the questions included on this list. If it is, please spare your nearest cast member from having to force a smile and sweetly answer “3 o’clock.”

This classic post comes to us from our past writer Danny you can find more of his articles here on Doctor Disney.


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