5 Things to Do When Not in WDW to get your Disney Fix!

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Are you like me?  Not quite a Disney Addict, but start going through withdrawal a few months after that last trip.  What to do? I am a lover of all things Disney.  My first trip to Disney World was as an adult with my husband.  All subsequent trips have included my children.  I love the family time we spend there!  If I could I would live in Cinderella’s Castle and stroll up and down Main Street USA on a daily basis.  But since I don’t have the means to do that, here are a few things I do to keep the Disney Crazy at bay.  Some of these I’ve only “heard” from other people and have never tried myself of course.  Don’t judge, cause I know there are more of you out there worse off than I!

  1. Admit it, you’ve done this too.  Book an imaginary trip to Disney on Disney’s website.  You pick your hotel, dining plan and maybe even look into some dining reservations.  Then you realize Disney does not accept Monopoly money and you close out your computer.  Or maybe you sit and think, “Wow, that’s not a bad deal” and you convince your family that you MUST go back to Disney even though you said you would wait 2 years.  You only need REAL help if you order and WATCH the planning DVD with no plans to go to Disney.
  2. Go to the Disney Store.  This is a small help if you are just having “one of those days”.  The smell, the music, the twinkling floor tiles.  Not sure what it is, but I feel better afterward.  I watch the vintage Mickey shorts on the TV, sniff the Disney air fresheners, talk myself out of another Mickey Mouse coffee cup.  The usual.  Or so I hear.
  3. Immerse yourself in Disney.  Have your Travel Mugs from the Dining Plan?  Drink out of them and close your eyes and pretend you are at your resort.  Not working?  Got your Mickey PJ’s on and have a Disney Film Festival on a Saturday morning.  I hope if you are a true Disney fan, your iPod holds some Disney Music.  Turn it on and get your day going!
  4. Cook like Disney.  OK, I’ve really never done this.  However there are recipes out there for Tonga Toast and Dole Whip Floats.  If you don’t already have a Mickey Waffle Maker…trying not to judge, but why?  Whip up some Disney Magic in your kitchen for breakfast!
  5. Get Crafty!  Craft stores and Department stores have Disney Craft kits galore!  Pick up a few and sit down with the kids for some family fun.  Is it the same as riding Splash Mountain?  Nope, but maybe you can get enough of a Disney fix to keep you going.

Sadly, none of these will permanently keep away the wish to go to Disney World every few months.  Unfortunately, my kids do need to go to college, and eat, and they insist on needing bigger clothes.  These are my crazy, fun ways to get my Disney fix.  What are yours?  Please share…I need more ideas before I get out the Disney Visa!


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8 thoughts on “5 Things to Do When Not in WDW to get your Disney Fix!

  1. I have part of the song from the Animal Kingdom’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade as my ringtone, which I was able to get from the many Disney songs I’ve put on my laptop from my many CD’s. And we have Disney DVD’s :). We see new Disney movies as they’re released – we just saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green (while we were visiting DTD, too – sweet!). I use Disney pens all the time, and I have a princess notepad in the car. I have Disney cosmetic bags in my purse. My car doesn’t have an external antenna, but my daughter’s does and she has an antenna topper on it. I have a Mickey stapler and tape-dispenser alongside a WDW note-paper cube on my desk. I have a Cinderella-coach pearl cage for the pearl I got at the pick-a-pearl in Epcot’s Japan pavilion, and I have other Mickey jewelry. I have a Mickey umbrella, Disney hoodies and throw-blankets, toss pillows on the sofa, even a set of queen-size sheets for our bed (I think it was the last set of that size sold on the Disney Store website), bath towels and beach towels & a Mickey tumbler in the bathroom. In the kitchen are Disney cookbooks including 1 from each of the past 4 Food & Wine Festivals, Disney mugs, salt & pepper shakers (several different sets), the refillable resort drink mugs and DCL travel cups, souvenir popcorn buckets and a salad set. Plus, we have family pictures, snowglobes, figurines and plush on display that we look at every day!Plus (plus) I have a paper model of Castaway Cay and the DCL Magic on display too. Disney votive-candle holders, a Fab 4 doorknocker, and a beautiful hardwood box we got from DVC on our first cruise are visible all the time. My scrapbooks (the finished ones) are out for looking at anytime, my pins are in a large pin album on the coffee table. We have some garden decorations from the Flower & Garden Festivals we’ve attended. I just snagged a complete set of Disney Scene It and Disney Pictionary at a thrift shop. These are older games, but they’re new to us. We’ve already played the Scene It game twice. There’s probably a lot more that I am forgetting. That’s how we keep Disney World alive between visits :D!

  2. I get a daily dose of disney…all my ringtones are disney songs 🙂 My mom was in the MSEP when she was younger, so that’s hers, my brother has pirates of the carribean (the movie…my in-laws have the ride), my bother-in-law and sis-in-law LOVE star wars, so they get star tours, my husband gets splash mountain, I wake up to Soarin’…the list goes on and on. I also watch Disney movies (both the real ones and ride/show videos on youtube). Some nights, I even head to the mattercam and check out the Disneyland fireworks.

  3. Guilty……….. of ALL of them!!! I’ve planned the vacation that I know we can’t afford to take, I’ve drug my family to the Disney store and bought us ALL new Mickey (and Donald for hubby) t-shirts (because they were on SALE, I drink from my refillable mug all the time, listen to D*Cot Disney music from whatever park I choose that day (somedays I wake up with the music from DHS Sunset Blvd in my head…….. sad? You betcha!). I’m always picking a Disney recipe to try (I have 4 Disney cook books and numerous websites to choose from_ – mostly the sweet treats and I love to scrapbook and craft and doing it with Disney makes it that much more enojyable! I have painted a Monorail and Tinkerbell on my Disney room / office / playroom walls and done a HUGE photo collage – framed in the same room! I’ve got it bad and the only cure is to book a trip and go!!!!

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