5 Ways You Can Save For Your Next Disney World Vacation

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If you’ve decided a Walt Disney World vacation is something you definitely see in your immediate (or even not so immediate) future, then one thing you’ll want to get started on right away is SAVING for it! Not sure where to begin or how you can save for a trip to The Happiest Place On Earth?

Then read on for 5 ways you can save for your Disney World Vacation:

Setup An Automatic Transfer: Get Savvy with your online banking by setting up an automatic transfer to a separate account that is just for your “vacation fund” – even just a small amount like $5 a week won’t be missed in your day to day budget, but will make a huge difference when it comes to paying off your vacation – that’s $260 a year alone! I set mine up to transfer each payday, and it goes right to a separate savings account from checking – and it’s the perfect way to start saving for Disney

Use Your Tax Refund: By now most of us have already filed our taxes, and some of us might be lucky enough to be getting money back. While there are plenty of ways to spend that money, one of the best ways is to use it to put down a deposit or pay off part (or all!) of your Disney vacation. My husband and I purposely have extra taken out so we can ensure we get at least SOME kind of refund each year, and that makes this the perfect time to book another Disney trip and put some of that tax money to good use

The Disney Gift Card: In case you didn’t know, you can pay off some (or all!) of your Disney trip using gift cards – so next time someone asks what you want for your Birthday or Christmas, instead of struggling to come up with an answer – simply tell them A DISNEY GIFT CARD! They can be purchased almost anywhere – including online or at most grocery stores with a gift card center (which is basically all of them), and they make a perfect gift for you or the Disney Lover in your life. They can be used to pay off the trip, or to pay for things while at Disney, too! They also make a great reward system – create a chore chart for your little ones with Disney gift cards as the prize and they will earn their own trip spending money in no time

Buy Disney Gift Cards At A Discount: Most people I know have a membership to a club store like BJ’s or Sam’s Club, and places like also have gift card centers, where you can get Disney gift cards at a discount. While the discount is usually no more than 5%, that’s still a $100 savings off $2000 worth of Disney fun – and that’s worth it to me! Another way to get discount gift cards is through Target’s Red Card program – I finally broke down and got myself a debit Red card last year, and while the 5% savings may not seem like much, it adds up when you’re constantly there buying diapers, formula, food, toys….the list goes on. Might as well grab some Disney gift cards while you’re at it – 5% makes a difference!

The Disney Chase Visa Card: This is a credit card that offers you $1 in “Disney Reward Dollars” for every $100 that you spend on the card. I use mine for all larger purchases, and also for gas and grocery shopping – and believe me – the reward dollars add up QUICKLY, and they can then be redeemed to a card that can be used like a gift card. I like to save my rewards dollars for Park souvenirs, and it has really been beneficial to me and my family. ALSO – they sometimes have bonuses for signing up/applying for the card, so keep your eye out for that if this is something you are considering

Now, I don’t want to make it seem like I am suggesting everyone run out and apply for credit or debit cards or go buy a BJ’s or Sam’s Club membership – but I will be honest with you – there are some BIG benefits to these for Disney Lovers! These happened to be things I already had/was already doing, so it really didn’t “cost” me anything up front to start saving for my next Disney trip

Once you’ve booked your next trip, I hope you are able to use these tips to your advantage! You should also hit up the dollar store for even more savings on Disney trip essentials – read more about that here. And be sure you check out my Disney Planning Do’s And Don’t’s for even more tips for ensuring your Disney trip is the best ever!

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  1. I use all of the gift card methods. Target, 5% off, BJ’s, 4% off, but I pay with my Disney Visa, so an extra 1%, for a total of 5%. I combine them all together on the Disney Gift Card site (jsut do a Google search for it.) I had an extra $1,000 for our cruise and $500 for our last Disney trip.

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