2019 Brings Major Improvements at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center

kennedy Space Center visitors center

My dad was a kid when we went to the moon. As a result, he has loved space flight and the idea of space exploration ever since. He passed that love on to me.  I remember visiting Kennedy Space Center often during summer vacations to Central Florida. Now that my son is 3, I think it is high time for me to impart the same sense of wonder and love for all things space to him.  A visit to Kennedy Space Center is in definitely order, and there has never been a better time!

If YOU are planning a visit to Kennedy Space Center in the future, 2019 is the year to do it! Human spaceflight will return to Cape Canaveral in 2019 and July marks the golden 50th anniversary of the Appollo 11 mission to the Moon that changed the course of history. To celebrate these events (and to accommodate the influx of visitors because of them) the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center has received some major updates!

The adventure begins right away.  A brand new entranceway sets the tone, creating a “sense of space.” The entrance design replicates the giant crawler-transporters that deliver rockets from the Vehicle Assembly Building to their launch pad. The stunning replica will ignite visitors’ excitement and curiosity and prepares visitors for a memorable visit.
 Located via a new access road which is set off of Space Commerce Way, a new parking plaza will have six total lanes with two automatic pay stations and four attended lanes to make things easier.
The 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, will be the focal point of an exciting year at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and will come to life through the reimagining of the Apollo/Saturn V Center. A galaxy of wonder and exploration awaits guests at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, which is a stop on the KSC Bus Tour. The interactive exhibit and attraction focus on the Apollo Program from the days leading up to the first launch to the Moon landings that followed. A renovated “sense of arrival” will include revamped landscaping, thematic signage and more, setting a new tone for the experience. New exhibits, such as Moon Scape, will feature a Lunar Lander and augmented reality stations enabling guests to recreate the first steps to the Moon. And the focal point of the Apollo/Saturn V Center, a dramatically suspended Saturn V moon rocket, will be enhanced with projection mapping on its side, showing the iconic footage of the Moon landing. Other new experiences and interactive opportunities will allow guests to delve deeper into what many consider one of the most significant achievements of the 20th century.
New, space-themed food outlets are available at the visitor complex as well! The existing Milky Way ice cream shop will feature an out-of-this-world new façade, complete with a panorama of the galaxy and premium, hand-dipped ice cream. The new Red Rock Grill, featuring self-service ordering, will offer a smorgasbord of specialty hot dogs and french fries. Additionally, a new dining location will breath new life to a visitor favorite experience. Interacting with astronauts is one of the most exciting experiences many have at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (and an activity I sincerely hope to do someday). The opportunity to learn about their experiences first-hand is awe inspiring.  Tonmake it even better, the popular program is being updated and refreshed for a new, more personalized guest experience and it will focus on the human elements and emotions of spaceflight. A new, themed location will add to the more intimate ambiance and create an environment more suited to the event. Following the program, each guest will have the opportunity to take an individual photo with the astronaut. Talk about a priceless keepsake!

Photo courtesy of Kennedy Space Center. 

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