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  1. 9


    The following performers have been released so far… Demi Lovato, Jordan Sparks and thats all that has been released

  2. 8

    Heather McCarn

    Are there any updates on tapings of the parade? I would love to be able to go

  3. 7

    Ken Keith

    i can not wait

  4. 6

    Heather M

    How exciting. We will be there at the time. We don’t plan to be at MK those days though. 🙁 Isnt that the same weekend as the POP Cheer event? Could be a busy weekend.

  5. 5

    Jennifer Kornegay

    when is the christmas disney parade?/?/

  6. 4


    No they tape during the day

  7. 3

    Janelle Bergman Chandler

    We are planning to be there on Friday Dec 6th, when exactly do they do the tapings, at night during the Christmas party? Don’t necessarily want to be a part of it but would like to know so we can plan around it. Thank you.

  8. 2

    Colleen B

    Don’t they usually tape the performances in front of the castle on Friday and then the parade on Saturday? Or do they do them both on both days? I thought that was how they did it a few years ago when I was there.

  9. 1

    Hilary Smith

    I remember that when I worked there over Christmas, people got so mad the parade wasn’t actually filmed on Christmas!

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