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    Renee Resnick

    I’ve personally seen the Kelloggs, Bounty, & McDonalds Toy Story products! I also saw a photo of the Toy Story themed plane for Alaskan Airlines & it’s freakin’ amazing!!! I’m so excited for Toy Story 4! I think it’s going to be their best one yet! #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  2. 3

    Baillie Nitz

    I love Alaska Airlines! I hope they do some stuff on the inside of the plane too! #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  3. 2

    Courtney Siglar

    I feel like I’m going to be purchasing more of these items just because woody and buzz is on the packaging… but I guess it’s not all bad My fridge will be stocked with all the cheese and yogurt snacks and there will be only .01 germs in my house since Clorox will kill 99.9% of them lol thanks for the update! Can’t wait to see these marketing plans come to life! #disneyvacaygiveaway

  4. 1

    Misty Dickerson

    I hope toy story 4 is good. The trailer has me wondering.

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