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  1. 36


    I’m at 40! Not bad!

  2. 35


    Cool! I got a 31, and then you described my situation exactly in the scoring. If only I didn’t have these kids to feed all the time!

  3. 34

    Janice Brady

    Love this challenge. I posted this to my blog – I think it’s a great idea!

  4. 33


    Thanks for the list! Many of these I have not tried and I will be trying on our next trip in May.

  5. 32

    Lori Falce

    OMG, I’ve had 83 of these.

  6. 31

    Vanessa Gordon

    All I need is a few more of the cupcakes and I will be able to honestly say I’ve ahd it all….LOL, having had an AP for the past 7yrs, a foodie for a husband, and a TIW card Helps…

  7. 30


    Where oh where is the puffed french toast from Crystal Palace? Maybe the list should be 101 Disney Things to Eat… 🙂 Awesome selection, though… I definitely have some new treats to try during my next trip in September!

  8. 29


    I’m glad someone else likes the curry at the ABC Commissary! I’d love to find the recipe. Scallops are great at Raglan Road, calamari with olive relish at Tony’s But the menus change, so some of my favorites are long gone. There was a rhubarb cake with cocoanut ice cream at Chef’s de France, and Wolfgang Puck’s did the best pot roast with garlic mashed.

  9. 28


    Can’t believe it’s only 40! Would have been higher if you included Raglan Rd.:(

  10. 27


    I agree with the request for a PDF file!

    I only scored a 16 BUT I have found recipes for 3 of the items and made them at home!

  11. 26


    I’ve eaten a lot of Disney food but like others I am restricted by food allergies so I can’t even eat more than 12 items on the list. I assure you I have eaten many not on the list and even though I am a huge Disney fan, I do not feel the least bit deprived. In fact Disney is one of the nest places for me to eat!

  12. 25

    Beth Green

    Zebra Domes are at Boma…

  13. 24

    Hedy @ Wdwnotjustforkids

    28, but I’m a vegetarian…

  14. 23


    oh gosh zebra domes! How my heart longs for Zebra domes!

  15. 22

    Wendy Johnson La

    HA! Beverly…

  16. 20


    I appreciate you letting me know!

  17. 19

    Tammy Shelton

    Only 30, but I just moved to Florida and now have my Florida Resident Annual Pass so I plan on adding to that number!

  18. 18


    haven’t done as much as I thought after looking at this list… but there are MANY more we have eaten instead of the ones listed…
    now where’s the food list for DISNEYLAND and CA Adventure????

  19. 17

    Beth Green

    awesome. I scored 27 and your description fits me to a T!! I also don’t like cheese, so that knocks off several of these items! so fun!!

  20. 16


    PS Maybe we should do one BEFORE the Food and Wine Festival!! To literally eat your way around the world…We tried last year and there were only a few booths we didn’t hit up.
    Hawaii was one of our favorites 😀

  21. 15


    Is it bad to admit to 35 of these ?? Guess that shows I don’t go enough!!
    More research trips are in my future 😉

  22. 14


    I make them all the time, too. And just so you know, I didn’t point them out to be rude 🙂 Excellent list that I cannot wait to work my way through 🙂

  23. 13


    Only 25! Must go back to Disney soon to correct this!!

  24. 12


    Not bad 98/100 for me is really good. I am the king of speeling errors 🙂

  25. 11


    I tried to stay away from buffets for the most part.

  26. 10


    28 – food allergies are holding me back, but only as far as this list is concerned. I’ve eaten my way around WDW and back again ten fold. Happiest Place on Earth for me to eat!!

  27. 9

    Christie McGuire Struck

    There are 3 things that are “must do that I’ve never done” for my next Disney vacation in November: Fantasmic, A pair of Mickey Ears with my name on them, and a Dole Whip float. Most definitely!

  28. 8


    Okay can you make this into a PDF so we can printit & take it with us to check more of these off our lists next time we go. I scored 23, but there were alot of items at these places that were more obscure that I have tried. Escargot at France & when you consume no alcohol it knocked some out.

  29. 7


    noticed a few accidental typos. Should be kaki gori and beignets

  30. 6

    Nicole Oman

    lol I have been to Disney 4 times and only had 16 of these. I think I need to go more often. Good thing we are going again in a few months and some of the items are already on our list.

  31. 5

    Kimberly Baker

    I love how Beverly is #1 on the EPCOT list! Haha! Everyone needs to try that! It’s delicious! 😉

  32. 4


    28. Not too bad when I don’t eat fish or coconut. There are a whole bunch that are on my list, now. 🙂

  33. 3


    I love this idea! I have been ignoring the MEM going around on Facebook on foods to eat before you die. Disney foods, however, and I am totally there. Time to go through the list. Thanks Chip, this is an awesome idea.

  34. 2


    Only 27…although I’m working at a disadvantage given that I have food allergies and can’t eat several of the choices (anaphylaxis trumps bragging rights) 🙂 I will aim to up my count once we move to the area in July!

  35. 1


    I was surprised not to see anything from the VAST buffet at BOMA Animal Kingdom! LOVE that place 🙂

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