‘Zombies 2’ is Coming to Disney Channel This Coming Valentine’s Day

‘Zombies 2’ is Coming to Disney Channel This Coming Valentine’s Day. “There’s no better night for a love story than Valentine’s Day, and our friends at Disney Channel have us covered.  ZOMBIES 2, premieres February 14 at 8 p.m. EST/PST. The movie will also be available in DisneyNOW.”

The premise for the movie sees the return of the Zombies cast to tell an all new story about our favorite star-crossed zombie-cheerleader couple, Zed and Addison.

“After the unanticipated arrival of a new pack of mysterious teenage werewolves, who have come to Seabrook in search of an ancient life force buried somewhere within the town, the fearful city council reenacts the town’s anti-monster laws. Suddenly, Addison and Zed’s Prawn-night plans to become the first-ever zombie-cheerleader couple to attend the big event together are out the window. While Zed launches a campaign to run for school president and change the rules, Addison finds herself drawn into the werewolves’ circle. Could this be where she finally fits in? Zed takes drastic action to keep from losing Addison to the werewolf pack, but his plan backfires. When the truth comes out, everyone—zombies, cheerleaders, and werewolves—discover the real meaning of community and acceptance.”

Check out the first sneak peek for the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Zombies 2:

“Throughout ZOMBIES 2, we can look forward to so much singing and dancing—from the cheerleaders’ pop beats to the zombies’ hip-hop flow and the werewolves’ world beat style. Four of the movie’s nine original songs are written by Rock Mafia (the team behind “Queen of Mean” from Descendants 3); and the first song off the soundtrack, “We Got This” (co-written and produced by Mitch Allan, whose credits include Descendants 2) debuts January 3. On January 31, “The New Kid in Town,” performed by Baby Ariel, makes its debut. George S. Clinton (ZOMBIES) and Amit May Cohen (Wrestling Za’atari documentary) composed the score. The ZOMBIES 2 soundtrack is available on February 14, but fans can pre-order it beginning January 3.”

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Featured Photo Credit: Disney/D23


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