Work Being Done Backstage On HarmonioUS Nighttime Spectacular For Epcot!

Epcot’s newest nighttime spectacular HarmonioUS might be getting closer!

Looks like some work has been going on backstage for the new show that was set to open later this year. Unfourtunally, as we know, shows have been delayed so we are not sure if the show will still make it’s debut this year or might be postponed until 2021.

In the meantime, Twitter account @bioreconstruct shared some aerial views of the construction progress currently happening at Epcot.

The photo on the left was taken back in June and the photo on the right a few days ago. You can see there are some slightly changes and more people working on it now.

Here you can see the sphere where the main projections will take place. This will be attached to 3 barges that will form the big projection screen.

As you can see from this aerial view, the 4 barges that will be around the big sphere are already on the lagoon backstage.

So when you visit Epcot, you might actually see the big red crane from different parts of the World Showcase.

HarmonioUS will feature 5 different barges with special effects, LED panels, moving fountains, colorful lights, lasers and pyrotechnics! All of this combined with Disney music reimagined by musicians and artists from around the world.

Credit: @bioreconstruct


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Ana Leal