Will the Avengers 4 Trailer Air During GMA on Thursday

Avengers 4 leaked artwork

Will the Avengers 4 trailer air during GMA on Thursday? Whispers were going around that the Avengers 4 trailer was going to drop during the Good Morning America show on Wednesday the 5th.   Now reports are coming in that they have pushed that back for the funeral of the late President George Bush. We will keep you updated and in the loop as we get more details.

Make sure you check back for the official drop of the highly anticipated Avengers 4. We still have no details on a title, but we are hopeful the trailer will also give us the new title. We are anxiously awaiting more details that can fill us in with the future of the Avengers. Will there be a way to reverse Thanos “snap?” We hope the new trailer fills in some of the missing pieces.


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Heather Adamczak