Who’s the best Dressed Disney Princess?

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I don’t know anyone who grew up with Disney in their life that doesn’t have a favorite memory or dream of her princess and the gown she wore. I’m sure that like me, you’ve seen plenty of Disney Princess rankings across the blog world. I felt it was time to share my rankings too!

It’s important to note that I judged the Princesses based on their fancy dresses- not their peasant-style dresses worn normally prior to them meeting Prince Charming or Beast, etc. Those ensembles will have a ranking of their own. With Anna and Elsa to become official Princesses I have taken the liberty of including them in their respective fanciest.

Here’s my list of best Dressed Disney Princess:

13. Mulan

I love Mulan as both a movie and princess overall. The music in the film is perfect. As for the dress…I think its historical accuracy is amazing and so well done. It just isn’t a fascinating dress that I would have had to get my hands on when I was a kid. Or if I was an adult going to some fabulous costume ball.


12. Pocahontas

My second favorite princess overall. If this was a hair and complexion contest Pocahontas would have it in the bag. She’s gorgeous and kind and adventurous. Obviously she lacks the costume changes that the others receive because of the fact that she is truly a historical figure. Disney add-libbed on a few details (like her age and interest in John Smith) but she is fact, not fictional. I’m sorry Pocahontas- I don’t want to dress like you when I grow up.


11. Jasmine

Another princess who got the short end of the stick on costume changes. This sassy royal just wants to live a normal life. In reality the garb worn in the Arabian Peninsula that day in age would have left Jasmine far more covered up. I’m guessing her movie wardrobe would have gotten her into some trouble if she were real. Aside from the color and her beautiful long locks I don’t adore her clothing. It would be SO high maintenance to walk around in a midriff top all day every day.


10. Elsa

I didn’t feel it would be right to use Elsa’s blue gown because really she and Anna flip flop for “best costume” throughout the film. I’m not a huge fan of Anna’s casual outfit when she goes to find Elsa so I felt if I were to judge Anna’s coronation gown it would only be fair to add Elsa’s coronation gown to the mix. Compared to her sister in these scenes her gown just isn’t one of my favorites.


9. Rapunzel

I had a personal debate of which dress of Rapunzel’s to include in this. The dress she wears when she comes home to her kingdom and is reunited with her parents is probably “fancier” than the dress she wears most of the film. I don’t associate her with that dress though. I have to go with my gut and say the pink and purple corseted dress is in the running. While it’s cute and Rapunzel is only 18 years old and would be dressing on the younger side I think the dress lacks the maturity of even a Cinderella or Belle peasant style dress. But those eyes….


8. Snow White

Snow White was the first Disney Barbie doll I ever owned. Her dress is classically beautiful for a princess of Germany in the 1500s, though a tad more revealing with it’s short sleeves.  The primary colors of the dress, the tall and elegant white collar and my personal favorite- the slashed sleeves with a peek-a-boo of red popping through the blue. And of course heels, because why wouldn’t you want to look your best for the 7 dwarfs? Snow White invented the princess look.

snow white

7. Merida

My ranking of Merida’s dress is based on how real the dress looks throughout the film (don’t you just want to touch that fabric?) and how amazingly that teal compliments her insanely lion-like red hair. Just look at those lines. This dress makes me want to compete for my own hand in marriage.


6. Ariel

This was another debate against myself. Ariel is now shown as a princess in a turquoise green dress (that wasn’t in The Little Mermaid at all) when she is pictured in décor and Disney items. She is also shown in that slinky silvery number at the end of the film. I decided the fair way to rank her for this list’s purposes was her pink “dinner with Prince Eric” gown. Who knew red hair could pull off a pink that well? This is truly a gown little girls everywhere drooled first time they saw it. I know because I was one of them!


5. Tiana

Not only is Tiana a more current princess than the others in the scheme of time but she also has a certain flare that only New Orleans could showcase. Tiana’s gown is so different in so many ways and every time I see it I appreciate it again. The nod to her time as a frog with the “lily pad” look is so cool to me. I’m also a big fan of greens and this dress embodies gorgeous green. It’s also strapless which is very fashion forward, Tiana!


4. Anna

I. Want. This. Dress. I love how it moves when she’s dancing around. I love the colors and fullness of the skirt. This dress is just fantastic. I feel Elsa got gipped with her long sleeve, velvet coronation frock. I’m sure because she was becoming queen she needed a more modest look and that’s totally appropriate. Elsa makes up for that later with her sparkly snow gown, of course. But Anna’s dress is high on my list of “someday I want this” list.


3. Aurora

The only thing I have to say about this timeless gown is: Pink or blue? I can never decide. I love the waist detail and full skirt. The off-the-shoulder but long sleeves also makes this gown very dignified. I could watch Aurora dance with Prince Phillip in this dress all day…while the fairies change it back and forth!


2. Cinderella

I would love to know how many wedding gowns were designed with Cinderella’s ball gown in mind over the years. The moment when the Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella’s tattered dress into this exquisite and enchanting ball gown is one of my favorite Disney cinematic moments. In fact, when the live action Cinderella was released that was what I looked forward to seeing the most! From glass slippers to gloves, I love everything about her ensemble. Cinderella is truly who I envision as the quintessential Disney Princess and this gown is fit for that title.


1. Belle

Belle’s gown is a cross between several others by my estimation. I see a little bit of Cinderella, Aurora and even Ariel in her golden look. When Belle danced with Beast to their appropriately titled love song my heart swelled as a child. It’s still one of those scenes that I’ll stop what I’m doing in the midst of busy day to watch if my daughter has the movie on. Maybe it’s the ballroom or the memorable dancing they delight us with but Belle’s gown is what I would wear if I could have my choice. If a world famous dress maker asked me “what dress can I create for you?” I wouldn’t even need a moment to think about it. This dress. I’d like to shake the hands of the team that planned and executed this flawless princess creation.


Where do your rankings land in relation to mine? Are you as excited as I am to meet Moana the new Disney Princess? I can’t wait to see what Disney has in store for us with this exciting new addition to the Princess family.

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