Whistle While You Wait: Surviving Your Disney Countdown!

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Waiting is hard!  Think about it, from the time we are born, we wait.  We wait to learn to walk, talk, read, ride a bike, get a license, get a car, get married, have kids…it really is just a waiting game.  But, that doesn’t mean it’s all bad!  Waiting for all of those things I listed above can be good.  Just think about how excited you were the first time you pulled out of the driveway alone or found out that you (or your wife) were pregnant!  All good things come to those who wait, right?

Here is what I’ve learned from my time on this Earth, live in this moment!  Stop dreaming about that lush looking grass on the other side of the hill.  Appreciate where God has you!  And so, with that philosophy, I’ve approached my time waiting for a Disney World trip.  It is hard, but when you look at it, the waiting time is just as important as the time you are in the parks!

Today, we are taking a look at how you can make the anticipation of your Disney trip more than just a waiting game.  We’re looking at little ways that you can whistle while you wait!  Here are my top tips!

Count it down…

I love a good trip countdown!  I love seeing it creep closer and closer!  I love ripping off a number or cutting through a paper chain!  Building up that Disney anticipation is one of the best ways for me to build up  my excitement for the trip.  I’ve got countdowns on my phone, iPad, fridge, and desk!  I am all about that “how many days till Disney” question!  You know you’re addicted to Disney when you can give a countdown (even if it is in the 4 figure range)!  There’s always a countdown because, when it come to Disney people, you are either a) at Disney (World/Land) or b) you are planning your next trip!

Disney it up…

In life, I always try to look for the Disney.  This can be no more true than when you are awaiting that trip!  I do this by loading up on Youtube videos, looking through my Disney pictures, stalking Disney sites, scrolling through Disney hashtags on Instagram, and incorporating Disney into my every day life.  I love a good Disney theme night (think dinner, game, and/or movie theme night)!  Why not play up the anticipation?

 Plan it through…

One sure fire way to whistle while you wait for your Disney trip is to plan like crazy!  From setting up ADRs to creating bucket lists and everything in between, planning for Disney is half the magic!  Creating a plan for your trip will encourage everyone to get involved  and it will stretch out the Disney goodness!  Make sure that planning your trip is a fun and not overly stressful.  Start small with something like a checklist (i.e., things to eat, must rides, sights to see) and watch the fun grow!

 The old saying, “good things come to those who wait” is totally applicable to your Disney trip!  I know that it seems like it takes FOREVER for your trip to finally roll around, but with a little know-how, you can learn to whistle while you wait!  Now it’s my favorite time!  It’s time to chat!  Tell me what you do to whistle while you wait for your Disney trip!  Let me know in the comment section below!


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4 thoughts on “Whistle While You Wait: Surviving Your Disney Countdown!

  1. The first thing that went through my mind was the “Disneyland Fun” sing a long songs version of Whistle While You Work (the characters are getting the park ready for the day’s opening, we see Mickey and Minnie, Roger Rabbit, Donald and Daisy, Goofy and Chip and Dale. The White Rabbit comes through to announce “You’re late for a very important date!” Then you see part of the park opening ceremony). Then I thought about how I am spending this trip’s count down and that is by planning my next 2 visits for next year (early in the year to celebrate my birthday and then again at the end of the year for my honeymoon!

  2. I have a countdown booklet with pictures and trivia for each day starting at 150 days. Every 25 days I give whoever is traveling with me a small gift. After all, countdowns are fun, but gifts are even better! 🙂

  3. Sometimes the countdown to our Disney trip feels like torture. We do not to get to go as often as we would like – it has been about every 5 years (we plan on shortening this span!). We were there in Nov. with my mother in law, and are going back in Sept. ALONE, LOL. Also it is for my 40th birthday. After that there is already a family reunion in the works for 2016. I do most of the same things you do, countdowns on my phone, computer and the calendar at home. We do Disney movie nights and watch all the youtube videos we can. I also started to follow a few podcasts, which are especially fun! Hearing other people talk about Disney with our same enthusiasm, including great tips and ideas for while there is a great solution.

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