Wet Weather Could Be Ahead With Tropical System Dorian On The Way

Wet Weather Could Be Ahead With Tropical System Dorian On The Way. Recently upgraded to a Cat 1 Hurricane at the time of writing, Tropical System Dorian is expected to make landfall sometime between late Saturday night through Monday morning.

With a major weather impact possible over the holiday weekend in Central Florida, here are some things you should be prepared for incase of extreme weather while traveling.

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The various theme parks in Central Florida will take several types of precautions. It is not uncommon for the resorts around the major theme parks to include Weather Preparedness Pamphlets in guest rooms when severe weather including Tropical Storms, Tropical Depressions, and Hurricanes are expected. The pamphlets usually include information such as: disruptions in service of hotel rooms, limited food and beverage locations that will remain open or closed during major storms, entertainment offerings for those who remain in their resort room to ride out the storm, etc. Be sure to read your pamphlet throughly and speak with a member of the front desk staff for any clarification or questions you may have.

Some resorts and hotels will lift their pet bans/restrictions so your furry friends can ride out the storm safely with you in your hotel room. If you plan on staying at a hotel to ride out a storm, be sure to double check with the resort or hotel about their pet policy during extreme weather. Prime example: Disney was very public about allowing pets in hotel rooms that are normally restricted because they want everyone to be safe during bad weather.

Though the storms may be over, it is a good idea to remain cautious while walking around after the storms. With varying levels of debris around the resorts and parks you may be asked to remain in your hotel room while clean up crews come through and pick up the mess left by the storm. Be sure to report any major concerns with the front desk of your resort and for your safety please stay clear of any fallen trees or power lines.

As a result of heavy debris some rides and parks may remain closed after the weather clears while clean up is under way. Be sure to prepare yourself for the possibility that your favorite rides or attractions may not be available during your stay.

Major hotels and resorts may offer unique entertainment options including character appearances, children’s activities, trivia games, film streaming, and more to guests. Some resorts and hotels also offer a waiver of fees for television entertainment in your hotel room during your stay.

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Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort may notice emergency response vehicles being housed in the theme park and resort parking lots. As a precaution, emergency vehicles from other states are commonly sent to areas where heavy storms are expected and arrive ahead of landfall. Disney World allows them to utilize their facilities to help with storm recovery. This is common procedure so don’t be panicked if you see utility trucks arriving by the dozen to Disney World.

In extreme situations such as hurricanes, theme parks may be closed or evacuated and resorts may be locked down, meaning you are to remain in your hotel room or in staged community areas or “ride-out” zones. Be sure to follow ALL instructions given to you by employees and emergency services.

For tips specifically about Hurricane procedures at the various parks including: Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, Legoland USA, and SeaWorld, be sure to check out this link: hurricane-policies-orlandos-major-theme-parks-281513

The best thing to do in extreme weather is to use common sense and don’t put yourself or other in danger by ignoring weather warnings, instructions from authorized personal, and remain calm. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend, no matter how wet it gets!

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