We’re Obsessed With These Whimsical Disney Pouches

Whimsical Disney Pouches

Oh Boy, there are new pouches available at Disneyland, and they are fabulous! These Whimsical Disney Pouches are inspired by Disney characters, and Disney treats. As someone obsessed with all things cutesy, and Disney, these are simply perfect.

These pouches may be petite, but what they lack in size they make up for in total cuteness! Each one is available at the World of Disney in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney District for $20.00.

The classic Mickey glove pouch is a sequined delight. Shaped like the iconic glove of the main mouse himself, this zippered pouch is coated in sequins, and comes with a clip to hang on your bag, or lanyard.

I’ve loved Alice in Wonderland ever since I was a little girl. We always see Alice, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts showcased, but it’s so rare to see the Doorknob! Layers of stitched material bring his surprised reaction face to life.

The other Disney character inspired pouch comes from my all time favorite ride, The Haunted Mansion. The mysterious fortune teller is reimagined as a clear pouch that mimic’s her crystal ball. The super adorable design on the front of the bag has also been featured as a Disney Parks Blog wallpaper before too!

Now onto the calorie free treats!

Churro fans rejoice, for there is now a Churro bag! This super cute bag is designed to look like a warm churro dusted in cinnamon and sugar, and tucked in a Mickey wrapper. This is a long pouch so it’s great to use as a pencil case, or even a makeup or makeup brush bag!

Mmmm, there is something so satisfying about a frosty Dole Whip float on a warm Disney afternoon! The pop culture snack favorite is immortalized as a cutesy die-cut pouch, complete with a cherry on top!

The Mickey Ice Cream Bar is always such a nostalgic snack for me. I have so many childhood memories of cooling off after a long day in the parks with this ice cold delicious treat. This pouch is shaped just like the wonderful treat, and even has a little “bite” taken out of an ear, perfection!

These Whimsical Disney Pouches are available now at Disneyland! They haven’t made an appearance at Walt Disney World yet, but we have our fingers crossed! Which one of these cutesy bags is your favorite?

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