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  1. 33

    Danielle L

    I have sent an email to you, be on the look out for it please!

  2. 32

    Danielle L

    Congrats Patty, you have been chosen as our winner!

  3. 31


    My favorite Aladdin memory was dressing up as Princess Jasmine for Halloween when I was 7!

  4. 30

    Tracie Cooper

    My favorite Aladdin memory is the first time I saw it in the theaters and how magical Robin Williams did as the Genie!

  5. 29

    Ashley Kolpak

    I love a whole new world when they are flying on the magic carpet together!

  6. 28

    Ashley Hewell

    I once got a Rah jah plush for Christmas as a child and I would pretend to be Jasmine.

  7. 27


    I loved watching this as a child

  8. 26


    liked watching it as a kid

  9. 25

    natosha m

    I loved the song when Aladdin takes a carpet ride with Jasmine. That song, “A whole new world”.
    Something that just sticks with me, from the movie and enjoying that part while watching with my family.

  10. 24

    shelly dixon

    My favorite Disney Aladdin memory is seeing it in theaters with kids I babysat.

  11. 23


    The first time I saw Aladdin with my daughters were magical!

  12. 22


    My favorite Aladdin memory is taking my kids to see it in the movie theater many many years ago.

  13. 21


    I remember watching it on the couch with my sister and brother all the time. We owned it on VHS.

  14. 20

    latanya t

    I remember watching it as a young child. I was so fascinated.

  15. 19


    My favorite memory was seeing Aladdin for the first time on stage!

  16. 18


    I loved playing the soundtrack for my kids

  17. 17


    My favorite was when my daughter saw the show at Disney

  18. 16


    My favorite memory was seeing the movie for the first time

  19. 15

    Patty Phillips

    I remember watching Aladin over and over as a child, so I could memorize the words, specifically some of what Robin Williams says as the Genie. “Excuse me? You talking me? Did you rub my lamp? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And now you’re walking out on me? I don’t think so! Not this Time! You’re getting your wishes! NOW SIT DOWN!
    In case of emergency the exits are here, here, here, here, here! We’re out of here!”.

  20. 14


    My favorite memory was listening to the soundtrack for the first time in the car with my kids

  21. 13

    Kim Henrichs

    Definitely the first time I saw the movie. One of the most fun Disney movies there is!

  22. 12


    My favorite Aladdin memory:
    Aladdin came out the year i was born and my parents played it for me my whole childhood it became my favorite movie. As i grew up going to Disney i always got so happy being in magic kingdom seeing Aladdin and jasmine but last year i got engaged in Disney and took photos with Aladdin and jasmine and Aladdin took my hand and was smiling. This movie has been a significant part of my life and will continue to be. Could not be more excited for the new film to come out and continue the memories.

  23. 11

    Amanda Whitley

    my favorite memory was robin Williams as the genie :/ He was one of my favorite actors from my childhood.

  24. 10


    My favorite memory was performing Aladdin as part of our dance recital! All of my closest friends were in it and I was able to have my entire family come to see it! 🙂

  25. 9

    Derek Clatterbuck

    I have to say that my favorite memory would be the video game as well. The nostalgia of those childhood days can never be replicated.

  26. 8


    I used to work at a summer camp where we always changed the words to “I can show you the world” to fit what we did at the camp then we sang it to the campers on the last day. It was fun!

  27. 7


    When I Met Aladdin and Jasime in magic kingdom all my dreams came true. This was always one of my favorite storys and i cant wait for the new film to come out.

  28. 6


    My favorite Aladdin memory will always be, when I took my girls to Magic Kingdom and we were waiting to meet Aladdin and Jasmine. My girls had no clue (it was a surprise) and the lady who worked there said to them. “If you want to see something magical rub the lamp” and my daughter Zoey rubbed the Genie lamp and out came Aladdin and Jasmine. Oh my were my girls surprised. They were little then but it’s one memory from Disney that they still talk about today. They are ages 7&5.

  29. 5

    Britney Ishee

    I remember watching Aladdin as a kid, it was so magical when I saw Aladdin and Jasmine ride on the magic carpet singing A Whole New World!!!

  30. 4

    Kelly D

    I remember Aladdin came out when I was in middle school and I liked the soundtrack.

  31. 3


    I love the movie Aladdin. I have watched it so many times I have lost count and can quote it line for line. As a kid I even used the music in a gymnastics routine that my best friend and I created together!

  32. 2


    My favorite Aladdin memory is watching it as a child

  33. 1

    Denise M

    I think my fave is seeing the Aladdin show for the first time at Disney California Adventure. I loved the movie but seeing that show was just magical

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