‘Weeds’ Actress Up For A Role In Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Movie?

Some more news on Marvel Studios adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s beloved comic book series Runaways:

A long time has passed since we’ve heard official word on “Runaways,” Marvel Studios’ adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s beloved comic book series, but that silence might be breaking in the form of a certain “Weeds” actress’ potential involvement.

All Things Fangirl reports that Allie Grant, the young actress who plays Isabella Hodes on Showtime’s “Weeds,” is currently performing in a stage production called “How I Learned To Drive.” According to the show’s program guide, Grant is said to have a role in Marvel’s planned “Runaways” film.

“Grant can be seen opposite Michael Shannon in the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Runaways,” reports the guide.

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