Wednesday with Walt: Simplicity at Its Best

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There was an article printed in the March, 1941 issue of Ladies Home Journal entitled, “Mr. and Mrs. Disney.” Before you ask, yes I do! The article talks about Walt’s life growing up and how he and Lillian met, and talks about Walt as a person. One paragraph in particular says:

“Although Disney is generally a modest fellow, he has made something of a cult of his simplicity. He drives to work in a blue coupe and was full of apologies when it leaked out that he also has a bigger car in which a chauffeur sometimes drives him around. He once cut off his mustache after reading in a magazine that a mustache is a sign of conceit, and although he grew it again it is this point of view that prompted his Uncle Robert to say, “I give Walt credit for holding himself just like a real sensible fellow would. He hasn’t swelled up a bit.”

Walt Disney was down to earth. He wasn’t as he said “highbrowed” and he did not have a fondness for people who were. Apologizing for the chauffeured limousine surprised me a bit.  Way back in my teens, I started telling people that one day I would have a Volkswagen Beetle with a chauffeur because I dislike driving so much; not that there is anything wrong with a VW Bug mind you but I was trying to emphasize the lack of the need for a limo. Hmm, that sounds familiar.

Although I never met him, Walt has been one of the most powerful influences on my life. I study Walt because to me there are few more deserving, considering the impact made on my own life. If you are reading this blog, I am betting that he and his work have greatly influenced your life as well. Disney people are special people. When they give the personality test to determine our personality types, one category should be the Disney personality*.

Walt Disney was genuine. He was a man who just wanted to get up and get at it. He was driven by thoughts and ideas, not by the materialistic things in life; although he was very blessed after hard times early on. Walt gave the world happiness and entertainment; and in return, the world gave him wealth, awards and favor. He was not changed by it, though, and I admire the integrity of the man.

He brought good natured, wholesome entertainment to everyone in the world. If those of us who share the Disney way of life keep in mind what he stood for, and share that light with the generations to come, then the world will continue to be touched by Walt’s magic and the charm of simple things.

Walt Disney was simplicity at its best!

*If you are interested in a little fun, there is a test to determine what Disney Personality you are. Click here to give it a try.

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