Walt Disney World Star Wars & Toy Story Land Construction Update

Many of us are eagerly anticipating the debut of Star Wars Land in 2019.  This new land, at 14 acres, will be the largest “Land” at any of the Walt Disney World Parks.  Here are some updated photos of the Walt Disney World Star Wars & Toy Story Land construction at Hollywood Studios.

If you stand at the entrance to Tatooine Traders at the entrance to Muppets Courtyard, you can zoom your camera and get an idea of all the work that is going on behind the Star Wars Land construction walls.

The former Streets of America is now a dirt road.  The Star Wars Land construction area contains mounds of dirt, storage containers, a backhoe vehicle, and of course the infamous cranes.

The far side of the construction, bordering Mama Melrose and the exit for Muppet Vision 3D, still has a building standing with the ever-present snowman.  There is also one building facade standing along the former Streets of America, as seen from the Muppets Courtyard.  We are wondering if this building will remain, as an iconic memory of days past, and somehow become part of the new Star Wars Land.  Most of the underbrush and smaller trees have been removed from the area that used to be the surrounding  grenery for the New York City building facade. There is now a clear view straight across to the Sci-Fi Dine In as you exit, and enter, the walkway to Muppets Courtyard.

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