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    Since we usually arrive by car we still have to go to the check in desks for our parking permit. Is this still the procedure?

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    By checking in online it allows you to completely skip the checking in process. They will text you your room number and you can just go straight to your room. That part is awesome

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    Pop had someone answering questions in line when I was tghere in Decemberas I went to get a couple of bday buttons and they went and got them and put my name on them

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    We check in online and don’t stop in the lobby at all. We were just there and they texted me to let me know our room was ready. Real easy. So much better

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    Checking online allows you to leave your preference. I do online, fax at 9 days, and check in at resort. We go often but as stated above, the personal greeting is nice and to make sure absolutely everything is in place. We usually get there early so that’s another reason.

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    Constance Torkelson

    Yeah, Terry. Good question. Why bother checking in online weeks ahead of time and then having to check in again upon arriving to get the room, key, etc?

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    Not that I go a lot, but I prefer to check-in at the resort. I like having them welcome me to the resort and sometimes you get upgraded to a better room. The last time the CM said “oh, you don’t want that room – I’ll get you a better one. And it was great. We were right down from the lobby – close to everything. Since we are getting older and sometimes arthritis doesn’t cooperate, it is great to save a few steps here and there. I like the personal touch of checking in in person.

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    So, why check-in online through the website?

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