Valkyrie will be Marvel’s first LGBTQ Superhero in Thor: Love and Thunder

Last night at Comic-Con it was announced that Valkyrie from the Thor movies, played by Tessa Thompson will be Marvel’s first openly LGBTQ character.

Tessa alongside fellow stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Director Taika Waititi announced that one of the storylines in Thor: Love and Thunder will be her seeking out her Queen to rule alongside her in the Earth town New Asgard.

Kevin Fiege later confirmed this in an interview with io9, that Valkyrie is Marvel’s first openly LGBTQ superhero.

Originally in Thor Ragnarok a scene was cut showing a woman leaving Valkyrie’s bedroom implying a sexual encounter and Tessa states she always played her character as bisexual so it left the door open for her character to be more open about it in Thor: Love and Thunder.

No word yet on who her love interest will be, but since the movie isn’t out till November 5, 2021 we have time to learn more details.

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