Update on the Phantom Manor from Tom Fitzgerald

Guests are still waiting with anticipation until the reopening date for the Phantom Manor is announced. Disneyland Paris new estimation is Spring 2019! Disneyland Paris sat down with Tom Fitzgerald, Portfolio Creative Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, who is overseeing the refurbishment for an update.

Disneyland Paris official asked, “Phantom Manor is a beloved attraction for many, can you tell us about what it means personally to you?”

Tom Fitzgerald mentioned that Halloween was his favourite holiday as a child and said how he used to love to build haunted walk-throughs in his house so he could scare his friends and neighbours! He remembered how excited he was when Walt Disney announced plans to build “The Haunted Mansion” at Disneyland! When the attraction opened, he and his family flew out to California to visit Disneyland. His first “tour” of the Haunted Mansion blew him away and became his favourite attraction. He also said, “I’ve loved every iteration of this attraction around the world, including Phantom Manor here at Disneyland Paris”.

“What excites you the most about the upcoming reopening?”

Tom said mentioned all of the new magical technologies that have been invented since Disneyland Paris opened, Imagineers had lots of options to explore!

“As you teased early this summer, some new magic is coming to this attraction in addition to a global refurbishment: can you give us a glimpse of what we can expect?”

This renovated has allowed Imagineers to revisit the storytelling of the attraction and answer some of the questions which have been shrouded in mystery. Questions like “Who is the Phantom? Who is the bride?  What happened years ago that led to all of this?  When Phantom Manor re-opens its doors soon, many of the mysteries will, at last, be revealed.  And not just revealed… these mysteries will actually unfold before your eyes through some of our new illusions!”

“Now you really got us teased! Any last word?”

“We know fans have been anxious for Phantom Manor to return, and “we’ve been dying” for everyone to see what we’ve been up inside this beloved attraction”.

No wonder guests cannot wait for the reopening of the Phantom Manor, the new features and technology sound incredible for this iconic and beloved attraction!

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Tessa H