Turn your Amazon Echo Dot into Baby Yoda

Did you really think your Baby Yoda collection was complete? It’s time to face the fact that it never will be. The proof of that is the constant influx of new Baby Yoda merchandise. In this case we are talking about something we never knew we needed before now: a stand for the Amazon Echo Dot that looks just like The Child.

From Otterbox, the stand works for all 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot units, but not for 1st or 2nd generation. It’s an easy installation for those who already own the device and a reason to purchase for those who don’t already own one (full disclosure: this stand is making the author consider a purchase!). It’s made with durable materials so it will last many years; just like your addiction to The Mandalorian. The stand even has a non-slip base so your precious bounty will be safe, even if you have little ones of your own wreaking havoc in its presence. In fact, this little Star Wars keepsake is perfect for those with children and will delight them every time they see it!

From the Otterbox Den Series, this stand is now available for pre-order and will be stocked on August 20, 2020. It costs $24.95 on Amazon and is a great way to dress Alexa up for your living room. Maybe you’ll need to change her name from ”Alexa” though. It’s the latest must-have for fans of the Mandalorian and we are sure that Baby Yoda will feel right at home with you!

Photo courtesy of Amazon

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Allison Luna
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