Turkey Sundae at Vivoli il Gelato in Disney Springs for a limited time

Turkey sundae

There’s a delightful Thanksgiving dessert available for a limited time at Disney Springs! The Turkey Sundae is currently available at Vivoli Il Gelato. You’ll want to check out this dessert if you’re visiting Disney World this week!

We certainly didn’t expect a turkey sundae on our visit to Disney Springs, but it’s such a great dessert. It’s quite unique and worth trying! Thanksgiving is almost here and what better way to celebrate then with this delicious Turkey Sundae!! And no, its not made of actual turkey, it only has a turkey shape.

The body of the “turkey” actually consists of three scoops of chocolate ice cream. The ice cream is covered in chocolate sauce and a chocolate-dipped cookie as the head of the turkey.

Also, turkey feathers are made of four lady fingers, which is great since it adds a tasty texture to eat! The whole thing is then covered in whipped cream.

Be sure to head over to Vivoli Il Gelato soon if you want to try the Turkey Sundae! There’s always something fun to do at Disney Springs!

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Kevin Koszola