Toydarian Toys Charm Their Way Into Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge


Disney’s Hollywood Studios is celebrating the Grand opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge this week and with that, the opening of many new shops and posts, including “The Toydarian Toymaker”. It is a whimsical artisan shop of handcrafted Star Wars collectibles, plush, and wooden trinkets.Starwars

As you step into Zabaka’s workshop you will see all of her works of art, as well as her toy making tools of the trade around the shop. You might even catch a glimpse. of her shadow through the windows of the shop as she’s hard at work fiddling away on her next masterpiece. You will be fully immersed in this Toydarian’s world as you search for the perfect sidekick to join you on your journey of the planet. There are also hand crafted games that can provide you with loads of entertainment as you descend back to earth. 

From Darth Vader and Stormtroopers, to Wookies, Yoda, Porgs, and Jedi, there is something for everyone in the galaxy to choose from. These minimalistic whimsy plush would make the perfect gift for your little younglings and Padawans. Be sure to check out this unique craftsman shop as you journey to Galaxy’s Edge and when you venture home you can take a piece of Batuu with you. This shop should be on your must see list. Star Wars

Which little creature are you wanting to bring back with you? Chip and Company will bring you all the latest merchandise must haves from Batuu, make sure to check back to see what other creatures make their arrival on the intergalactic planet.

Source & Photos: Disney

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Jenna-lee Languirand