Top Ten Ways to Eat a Mickey’s Premium Bar (AND Not Lose a Single Bite)

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My absolute favorite thing to eat at Disney World is a Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar.  I eat at least one a day when I am in the parks. I carefully devour the delectable crunch of the chocolaty exterior as I relish the velvety smooth vanilla ice cream.  Try as I might, this is one snack I just can’t seem to replicate outside of the parks.  I’ve purchased just about every single brand of similarly constructed ice cream bar and sadly, nothing compares.  So, today we are taking a look at enjoying ever last morsel of this park exclusive.  Join me as we look at the top ten ways to eat a Mickey’s Premium Bar (AND not lose a single bite).  Let’s get started!

10.  Eat your Mickey Bar at warp speed. 

No casual snacking here!  Open that ice cream up with intent and eat.  No talking, no double tasking, JUST eating…FAST!  Chocolate that melts in your mouth is so much better than chocolate that melts everywhere else because you are taking your precious time!  Make it snappy and enjoy!

9.  Do it with style!

I have a technique for eating this tasty treat.  I stand, hunched over, feet shoulder width apart, Mickey Bar perched carefully over a safety net of napkins and wrapper.  This safety net allows any stray bits of chocolate coating to be salvaged. I’ve been talking about doing an entire post on this technique.  I’ll have to wait until I am back at Disney to this capture this through pictures.  I know you are on the edge of your seat (lol!).  Until then, hopefully this description is enough to save your snack!

8.  Eat in a cool spot.

Find somewhere with AC to eat your Premium Mickey Bar.  I recommend stopping in a restaurant (you can buy a drink there if that makes you feel better about sitting in a restaurant).  If you can’t find a spot with AC, look for a shady breeze way to enjoy!  The air or shade will help prolong the melting process.

7.  Sit while you eat. 

Avoid moving if you want to avoid losing your Mickey Bar.  Finding a place to sit will make it easier to chow down on this park favorite.  It isn’t hard to find a place to park it at Disney World, from the breezeway beside Innoventions in EPCOT to countless benches placed throughout the parks.  Finding a place to stop in the “go-go-go”  isn’t hard and it will save you some sumptuous eating!

6.  Don’t share it!

I am not an ice cream sharer.  The thought of eating off of the same ice cream sicks me out.  So, this point is a no brainer for me.  But, if you typically share, I can guarantee gain in the amount of ice cream you’ll be eating.  Go ahead and spring for it…you deserve it!

5.  Send for reinforcements!

So I’ve already talked about using napkins under your Mickey Bar to catch fallen chocolate.  Back in the summer, I wrote an article called Disney Mess Kit, all about preparing a kit to carry with you that will help clean you up in a snap.  A brilliant reader suggested the use of a cup top (the disposable lids they give you with a fountain drink purchase).  He suggested flipping the lid upside down and sticking your popsicle stick through the straw hole.  This was any melted ice cream or chocolate will fall into the lid and not on the ground.  GENIUS!  Send for reinforcements and you’ll be snacking to the fullest extent!

4.  Eat it at Night!

If all else fails, snack after the sun goes down.  You can find Mickey Bars throughout the parks at kiosks pretty much up through park closing.  They make a perfect after dinner dessert and they are so fun to eat while you watch the parades or fireworks.

3.  Don’t multitask!

Avoid rushing about while you are eating your Premium Mickey.  Make sure credit cards, Keys to the World, money, etc.  are stowed away before you begin eating your Mickey’s Premium bar and do it quick!  Have a plan in mind before you buy to reduce the melt time.

2. Put it in a bowl and eat it with a spoon!

A great idea for little ones (and who are we kidding?  Adults too!)  is to put your Premium Mickey on a plate or in a bowl and go into eating mode with a spoon in hand.  You can get a plate/bowl and spoon at any quick service spot.  Avoid the spills and minimize the mess by containing your snacking!


1.  Have a strategy!

Are you an ear nibbler, do you work from the top down, do you eat the chocolate off bit by bit saving the vanilla ice cream till the end.  No matter how you eat it, having a plan of attack for eating can be helpful.  The most skilled of ice cream eaters will thoughtfully select each bite, based on dripping, dropping, and opportunity.  I have to say that when it comes to this delicious bar, I don’t dilly-dally.  Instead, I set to task eating like it is my job!




I hope you’ve enjoyed this lighthearted list!  I had a lot of fun writing it!  Maybe you’ll use at least one of these ideas on your next Premium Mickey Purchase.  And so now, it is time for a little discussion!  Which is better:  the ice cream or the chocolaty shell?  Discuss amongst yourselves and leave a comment below!


As always, thank you for reading!

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See ya real soon!


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