Top Five Reasons To Stay At Disney’s POP Century Resort

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 Walt Disney World has so many amazing Resort Hotels to choose from that researching and picking one is no easy task! They all are great in their own ways, but to me, Disney’s Pop Century Resort stands out as one of the best. Why, you ask? Well, here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Great Value – Pop Century is one of WDW’s Value Resorts, which means its among the lowest priced Resorts on Disney property, with rooms ranging from as low as $85 a night up to $190 a night (depending on what time of year you are planning to visit). The amount of fun you get for this price is what makes it a great value – there are great pools, play areas, an arcade. and an amazing food court/gift shop area to keep you entertained. Standard rooms sleep 4, and while some complain that they are small, I find them to be plenty spacious, and all rooms have new furnishings and really are a great place to stay and still get that “on property” Disney magic for a low price (which of course includes extra magic hours, and use of Disney Transportation including the Disney Magical Express airport shuttle service)

POP Tye Die

2. Delicious and Unique Eats – All WDW Value Resorts have a similar Food Court setup, where you can go and choose different meal items from several themed stations, or grab something from the packaged food section. The All Star Resorts all offer pretty much the same menus, but POP has some unique items that are worth a taste, like sushi and other Asian inspired dishes, a “Mom’s Night Out” meal special featuring items like fried chicken or meatloaf nightly, and then there is the infamous tye dye cheesecake, a blend of different colored cheesecakes and red velvet cake that is really yummy! If you’re more of a cupcake person, then I recommend the new “King” Cupcake, a chocolate cupcake filled with banana custard and topped with peanut butter frosting, candied bacon, and a chocolate drizzle – the ultimate dessert tribute to Elvis Presley

POP Potatohead
POP Rubix Cube

3. It Really Takes You Back – From the lobby to the pools and rooms, the fun surroundings are sure to make you nostalgic for ‘the good old days’. Take a stroll through the lobby and check out the shadow boxes displaying toys and memorabilia from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The Resort celebrates 20th century Pop culture, and the different ways we have lived and played over the decades. Step outside and you will see silhouettes illustrating dance fads for each decade parading across the buildings, as well as giant replicas of favorite toys of the past. It’s really fun to take a leisurely stroll around the Resort and see all the things that were cool “way back when”, and might even give you a chance to sneak in a history lesson for your kids (who may not even know what some of the items are!)

4. Cool Off In Their Great Pools – There are 3 pools to choose from at Pop Century, there’s the main “Hippy Dippy” themed pool at the center of the Resort, it’s the largest and loudest, and it’s also where the pool bar is located. If you’re looking for a more peaceful dip, then check out the Bowling Pin pool (located near the 1950’s buildings), or the Computer pool (near the 1980’s buildings), both of which have plenty of seating in the shade and the sun, and are usually relatively quiet

5. Perfect For Everyone – This Resort has something for those of all ages – kids will love the playground, arcade, and the giant colorful decor everywhere, while adults will have fun pointing out their favorite childhood toys and sipping wine at the pool bar. The Value Resorts are largely seen as ‘family’ resorts, and while it’s true that a lot of families stay here, that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy it too – we had tons of fun wandering around and seeing what facts and toys we could learn about, and the quietness of the Bowling Pin pool was perfect for long afternoon swimming and sunbathing sessions

There are many more reasons why Pop Century is a great place to stay, and it definitely tops my list of favorite Disney Resorts! What About you – Have you checked out all that is great about Disney’s POP Century Resort?

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