Top Disney World Souvenirs For Kids


The struggle is real – to find the kids a souvenir that they like, you like, and isn’t absurdly expensive can seem near impossible, and add in that it ideally should be something they can actually get some practical use out of – well, forget it, right? WRONG! If you plan ahead and look around, you’ll see that there are plenty of great, useful things you can purchase for your kids at Walt Disney World.

So read on for my top picks for Disney World Souvenirs for kids:

Pens/Pencils: The classic Mickey head shaped pen is a great small, inexpensive souvenir that they can bring back to school with them, and they come in tons of styles (and pencil versions too!). Disney also makes sets of nicer pens/pencils, as well as packs of colored pencils, crayons, markers, etc – perfect for your little artist. Another good choice to go along with those is a notebook/journal or Disney coloring book – I always loved having a journal to write/sketch in, and well – you’re NEVER too old to color, in my opinion!

Dining/Dinnerware: Every kid has to eat, right? So serve up those chicken nuggets and mac and cheese at home in style – with a Disney cute bowl or plate. Even my son (who is only 18 months old!) recognizes when one of his favorite characters is on his dinner plate or cup, so these are good for kids of all ages. A reusable water bottle is also a really useful souvenir – and the Parks offer them in a variety of styles/characters.

Deck Of Cards/Board Game: Normally anything that falls into the “toy” category is tricky when it comes to the question of “will they actually USE it at home?” – but there are a few toys that might actually get some use by the kids, and the adults too! Disney has several different styles of decks of cards for sale (including awesome haunted mansion themed ones, and star wars ones too!), and they sell some great Disney themed games too – like Tower of Terror Jenga, Haunted Mansion life, Disney Candyland, Muppets Yahtzee, assorted jigsaw puzzles, and more. I personally LOVE a good family game night – so these are all things that me and my family would get a ton of use out of.

A Bag: No matter what age, there’s always plenty of STUFF that kids need when you take them places – so why not buy them their very own Disney backpack or suitcase? There are tons of options to choose from, and they will get such a thrill out of having something as adult as their very own suitcase! And backpacks come in handy all the time – school, camp, weekend at Grandma’s – the possibilities are endless, and it’s definitely something they will get a lot of use out of.

There are some souvenirs I tend to steer the kids away from – including glow sticks/light up toys, those fans that you fill with water and can mist yourself with (cool when you’re in Florida, but not so useful at home), large stuffed animals, small ones are ok, and costume/dress up items – as they tend to be VERY expensive at the Parks, and if they want them badly enough, you can usually find them online for cheaper.

Hopefully you find this list helpful and keep these suggestions in the back of your mind when heading to Walt Disney World – they can help you save precious suitcase space, and money too!

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