Top 5 Walt Disney World “Must Try” Sweet Snacks


There are plenty of amazing snacks and treats everywhere you turn at Walt Disney World, and it’s a great place to try new things, or to grab some of their tried and true favorites too! I have a HUGE sweet tooth – and love all the sweet treats at WDW. If you’re like me and love that sugar rush, then read on for the Top 5 Walt Disney World “Must Try” Sweet Snacks:

Butterfinger Cupcake

Cupcakes: These are everywhere at Walt Disney World, and there are some really amazing flavor combos that are a must try. For me, the Butterfinger Cupcake from Starring Roles Café at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the best of the best – moist chocolate cake with a fudge center, a pile of vanilla frosting topped with a chocolate shell and Butterfinger pieces. It’s intense, but amazing. Most WDW Resorts and dining locations offer some kind of cupcake – and they range in flavor from plain vanilla to carrot cake, or lemon ginger, or s’mores, and the flavors change frequently, so be sure to keep an eye out for what offerings are available on your next WDW trip

Caramel Anything (or EVERYTHING): If you’re a caramel lover, then Karamell Kuche in Epcot’s Germany is the place for you! Werther’s Caramels are the star here – appearing in everything from freshly made Caramel Corn, to salted caramel, to caramel apple tarts, to caramel drizzled cookies and strawberries…I could go on and on about how awesome the treats are here. There’s usually a line, but it’s worth the wait – especially for the Caramel Corn!

Dole Whips: This iconic Disney snack has somewhat of a cult following – they are loved by all, and they really are the perfect treat on a hot Florida day. It’s a soft serve frozen dessert that comes in Vanilla, Pineapple and orange flavors, and you can swirl two flavors together, or get it served as a float with pineapple juice (my personal fave!). A few select locations serve these in the Magic Kingdom (some of which have recently changed – Click here for more info!), and while they’re not a fancy treat, they are simply amazing and special – a uniquely Disney treat that you’ll want to make sure you try at least once on your next trip. Not going to Disney World anytime soon? Then make your own dole whips at home

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches: Two freshly baked cookies with cool creamy ice cream in the middle? Um…yes please. In fact, you had me at “cookie”. This treat is available at various spots throughout the World, but Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in the Magic Kingdom is the best place for these (in my opinion anyway). You can customize your sandwich with different cookie and ice cream options – which is really fun around the holidays (chocolate chip cookies with peppermint ice cream perhaps? Or gingerbread cookies maybe?). Ok, so you might be thinking “an ice cream sandwich? That’s not that exciting” – but honestly, IT IS! First of all, it’s HUGE – the cookies are really big, and they are NOT skimpy with the ice cream scooping either. And did I mention they are freshly baked cookies? Like – super fresh, and super delicious. This is a big snack with big sweetness and flavor – enough to share (but I won’t judge if you want to keep it all for yourself)

Zebra Domes: A layer of cake is covered with a “dome” of chocolate/espresso flavored mousse, and then covered a while chocolate ganache and a chocolate drizzle. This is an “adults only” sweet treat – as the some portion of these also contains Amarula Cream Liqueur (an African liqueur similar to Kahlua) – and it’s only available at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Boma and their counter service dining location – The Mara. I have never tasted anything like these – they are super sweet, and the mousse has a great creamy texture. It’s a must try for all you adults out there, and if you think you’re up to the challenge – then check out this DIY Zebra Domes recipe

photos MickeyBars

An “honorable mention” shout out to the Mickey Ice Cream Bar – It is a classic treat that those of all ages will love – vanilla ice cream with a chocolate shell, in the shape of everyone’s favorite mouse!

For those of you with a hankering for a Disney Sweet treat, I hope you check out my “must try” treats next time you’re in Disney, and that you love them as much as I do!

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