Top 5 “Must Try” Quick Service Meals at Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World is home to tons of seriously amazing restaurants that serve up all kinds of delicious cuisine. Their table service restaurants are all great – the service is always impeccable, and it’s a great way to take a break from a hectic day at the Parks. But sometimes, I don’t want to take a break! Sometimes you’re in a hurry, or just want to grab a quick bite before heading over to the Haunted Mansion for the 5th time that day (no judgment here!). Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean you can’t eat well – so check out my top picks for the “Must Try” Quick Service Meals at WDW:

The Ribs and Chicken Combo at Flame Tree BBQ : You’ll find this dining spot over in the Discovery Island area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – often with long lines full of hungry carnivores! There’s a reason why the lines are always long – and I personally think it’s due to this mouth wateringly delicious meal – moist chicken, slow-cooked perfectly seasoned ribs, served with baked beans and coleslaw. The sides here are actually really good – flavorful beans and crisp fresh slaw – but the meats are truly the star here, and this meal lets you try not one, but TWO meats – what could be better?

The Power Salad at Sunshine Seasons: I’m not usually one to order up a salad when there are other available options that might offer more bang for my buck, but I have to say – this one is definitely worth it! Fresh greens with a mix of almonds, quinoa, a delicious honey vinaigrette, and the best part – it’s topped with oak fired chicken. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the chicken at Sunshine Seasons, let me school you a bit – it’s roasted over an oak fire (duh), and the rotisserie is beautiful – not to mention it smells AWESOME. The chicken really elevates this salad – but if you aren’t a salad person, the Rotisserie chicken meal might be more your speed. Everything at Sunshine Seasons is fresh and a lot of it even uses produce grown on site. Plus, they have awesome desserts (Strawberry Shortcake anyone?)

Tacos from La Cantina De San Angel: I am a big fan of all Mexican food – and this perfectly seasoned beef atop fresh, hot corn tortillas with rice, beans and fresh salsa tops the list as one of the best tacos I have ever had! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s all done right and that’s what counts in my book. They also serve cheese empanadas and some killer nachos here, all of which pair perfectly with their margaritas (I’m partial to the plain ole’ lime version, but the pomegranate one is a great twist on a classic drink)

The Lighthouse Sandwich from Columbia Harbour House: smooth hummus and tomato pair with a fantastically crisp and fresh broccoli slaw, and it’s served on toasted multi grain bread which honestly might be the best part of the sandwich – it’s hearty and has a great texture. It’s served with kettle-style potato chips which give a great crunchy texture to the meal. It’s a vegetarian option that will please almost any palette (even the meat lovers out there!). Columbia Harbour House serves up some unique eats – from a top notch New England Clam Chowder, to grilled salmon and a great fried shrimp platter, it’s a nice place to go to get something different

The Hot Dog and Fries at Casey’s Corner: Ok, a hot dog may not be the most exciting or unique meal, but there are few things better than grabbing a hot dog at Casey’s and managing to get one of the coveted tables so you can watch the parade go by. The hot dog by itself is great – but you can change it up with chili cheese or pulled pork & coleslaw versions, and they also serve super adorable (and delicious!) corn dog nuggets. A hot dog, fries, and a Coke – it doesn’t get much more classically American than that, does it?

I hope you get a chance to try some of these meals next time you’re at Walt Disney World, but if you’re not hungry enough for a meal and maybe just need a snack to get you through until dinner time – then I suggest you try one of my Top 5 Must Try Sweet Snacks

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