Top 5 Places to Find Unique Merchandise at Disney World

Many stores in Disney World tend to sell the same type of merchandise. For shoppers, this can be frustrating; but fortunately there are a some stores in Disney World that sell unique merchandise that is difficult to find anywhere else on property. Here are my top 5 favorite places to find unique merchandise at Walt Disney World.

  1. World Showcase: All of the shops found in Epcot’s  World Showcase nations offer merchandise native to their individual countries. Here you can find souvenirs, candy, jewelry, perfume, and more from all around the world without ever leaving Florida! This location is a shopaholic’s dream!
  2. Grand Floridian Resort and Spa: Unlike other Disney Resorts, the Grand Floridian has a variety of shops that offer both typical merchandise you can find everywhere and unique merchandise. Our favorite items to purchase at Grand Floridian are Disney Dooney and Bourke bags and Grand Floridian bathrobes! With the variety of shops and different merchandise, this resort is a shopping destination within itself.
  3. Hollywood Studios: At the exit of many of Hollywood Studios attractions are gift shops selling unique merchandise reflecting the ride itself and its characters. For example, at the exit of Rock n’ Roller Coaster and Star Tours, you will find Aerosmith souvenirs and Star Wars merchandise! Tower of Terror also has a gift shop selling Twilight Zone products, Tower of Terror bathrobes, hotel keys, and other hotel items with the Tower of Terror logo! Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular also has a shop selling replica Indy hats, jackets, and posters around the corner from the show. Finally, one of our favorites is a little shack near the park’s entrance known as Sid Cahuenga’s. This shop sells film posters and autographed photos of major celebrities, past and present. It’s a definite stop for any movie buff!
  4. Test Track: After exiting Test Track, you will be ushered into a showroom where you can get a glimpse of new cars that have been released! Guests are free to even sit in the cars and peer through the windows; and there are individuals nearby to answer any questions you might have about the cars. Who knew you could car shop at Disney World? There is also a gift shop selling Test Track themed merchandise, as well as hats, t-shirts, and more displaying different auto brand logos. Ladies, this is one shopping destination that men will enjoy!
  5. Resorts: Disney’s deluxe resorts are known to have a variety unique merchandise that reflect their resorts that can’t be found anywhere else.  Two of our favorites are Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Zwadi Marketplace and Wilderness Lodge’s Wilderness Mercantile. Zwadi sells great resort souvenirs, as well as carved animals, baskets, drums, and other African influenced items. Wilderness Mercantile sells great jackets and tees with the Lodge’s logo, as well resort artwork, carved souvenirs, natural beauty products, and plush characters in wilderness apparel.

So what are your favorite places to find unique Merchandise at Walt Disney World?

Let me know in the comment box below.


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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Places to Find Unique Merchandise at Disney World

  1. I think it’s sad to see now that you’ve made this list, how few places have specially themed, unique merchandise at Disney World – we were just there bemoaning this fact as we saw the same stuff in EVERY store – even the little shops that have a special name or theme in the parks. It used to be much more interesting and fun to shop at Disney. Very disappointing. Epcot countries are better – but even they don’t have much, if any, themed DISNEY merch.

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