Top 5 Best Disney Princes

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Top 5 Best Disney Princes

It’s no secret that princesses are huge part of Disney’s success and have been since the very beginning. I mean, Disney’s very first film, Snow White, was about a princess; and ever since, Disney has dominated the princess, fairy tale genre. Now, I totally get the princess appeal with the castles, gorgeous gowns, grand aventures, and living happily ever after; but often times we overlook the other half of the fairy tale equation: the prince! Today I’m here to give Disney princes the attention they deserve in my Top 5 list. Also, as always, I’m looking for your input so be sure to share what your favorite Disney prince is!

5. Flynn Rider-Disney’s newest prince, Flynn was actually born an orphan, turned into a thief, but ended up saving the lost princess, Rapunzel, by giving up his own life for her. Flynn definitely has a sense of humor, ambition, and more personality than we have probably ever seen out of any Disney prince. Talk about a great catch! This is why he definitely deserves a spot on this Top 5 list. Plus, in 2012, you can see how he and Rapunzel lived happily ever after! For more info, check out Disney’s Tangled Gets Sequel – Tangled Ever After

4. Prince Philip-Sleeping Beauty’s man, Prince Philip found Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) in the woods and won her over with his charm, singing voice, and smooth, dancing skills. Then he took on evil Maleficent in dragon form with just a sword and shield before waking his princess with a kiss and breaking the spell that was cast over the whole kingdom. It’s hard not to be impressed with that!

3. Prince Eric-This prince became a prince of both land and sea when he married headstrong  Ariel, the daughter of King Triton! Even though Eric was royalty, he wasn’t just content to just hang at his cool, seaside castle. Instead, he spent his time aboard ship or taking Ariel on dates to the village or to the beautiful lagoon in the “Kiss the Girl” scene. What really makes Eric great is that he defeated Ursula and saved both his princess and the king of the entire ocean, Triton himself. Impressive! Check out the new Little Mermaid ride at Disneyland and the one coming to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom here!

2. Aladdin-This diamond in the rough didn’t have much of a trust fund, but then who needs one when you have the Genie? This Disney prince started out as a street rat and struggled to do whatever it took to win his Princess Jasmine’s heart. Aladdin had a heart of gold and was very smart; and due to his quick thinking alone, he saved Jasmine, the Sultan, and his friends. You can’t go wrong with a guy who’s smart, brave, and has a great ride, a magic carpet!

1. The Beast-While he had a rough exterior to be sure, he saved Belle from the wolves, gave her a whole library, was a good dancer, and was willing to live the rest of his life as a beast just so Belle could be happy and save her father. What guy has done that for you lately? That’s what I thought. He’s also one of the few Disney princes who really dictated the storyline and had a lot more depth than the others; and when the spell was broken, he turned out to be the prince every princess dreams of and has the coolest castle ever! Soon you will be able to step into Beauty and the Beast’s world at Walt Disney’s World’s Fantasyland! Click here for more info!

So now it’s your turn! Who is your favorite Disney prince?

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  1. Am I the only one that thinks The Beast is better looking as a beast than as a Prince? 🙂 But, he is one of my favorites! And Flynn Rider is my absolute favorite! He’s got attitude, he’s got spunk, he’s got the SMOLDER!

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