Top 10 Ways to Know if You’re an Extreme Disney Fan: Part 3

Chances are that if you are like myself and the other writers here at Chip and Co., you are a Extreme Disney Fan. We have yet to find a cure, but the symptoms of this condition are rather obvious. Most likely your own friends and family have pointed them out to you or questioned your sanity time or two. Still not sure? Check out my Top 10 Ways to Know If You’re an Extreme Disney Fan: Part 3!

1. You have referred to your fork as a dinglehopper. (Once or twice, maybe.)

2. You always get a map when you walk into one of the Disney parks; but not because you need one, but so you can add it your collection in your office cubicle. (You have to get a new one when they change the pictures!)

3. All you know about raising children came from Mary Poppins.

4. You do all of your Christmas shopping at (Especially when there’s a great sale!)

5. If someone asks you for directions, you say something like this, “Second star to the right and straight on till morning!” (Now I’m not the greatest with directions, but this makes total sense to me!)

6. You are more excited than your kids about The Lion King 3D! (I remember seeing this movie in theaters, now I can’t wait to see it again in 3D!)

7. Your knowledge of philosophy comes from the Disney movie musical numbers, such as “Bare Necessities” and “Hakuna Matata.” (Who says movies aren’t educational?)

8. At your the elementary school job fair, your kids are confused that there isn’t a table for Imagineers. (I always wanted to be an Imagineer when I grew up!)

9. You begin planning your next trip to Disney before your current trip is even over. (Guilty.)

10. Your kid’s teacher looks confused when your child says that they visited France, Germany, Japan, and Morocco all in one day! (This is a great opportunity to ask for your child’s homework in advance, since your taking them out of school for another trip to Disney!)

Have you shown any of these symptoms? If so, you are probably an extreme Disney fan so be sure to comment below and share with others who share your condition.

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