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    Jessica St. Hill

    That would be really cool! 🙂 I really neat to write up the whole thing on my blog or as a trip report on a Disney board, too. I just was trying to figure out where. 🙂

  2. 7


    This is a great story! I liked your shirt idea; and I do want to hear more of your story about getting married on a monorail! Perhaps  I should include that as one the ways to know you’re an extreme Disney fan in my part 3 list?

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    Jessica St. Hill

    Heehee…neat story. My husband and I got married on the monorail (no, I am not kidding, and will leave a longer comment about it if anyone is interested. 🙂 and the next day I wore a white tshirt I made, decorated with bows and lace such that read “Por favour manganse alejado de la esposa!” which of course means Please stand clear of the wife. At Epcot, getting ready to board what will always be El Rio del tiempo to me (but which my hubs and I have traditionally called “es el mundo pequeno” because we are smart alecks) we were stopped by the attendant catching sight of our just married buttons and told “You must have your own boat…very romantic!” she then read my shirt (hubs at that point had also purchased the “por favor”, etc monorail tshirt to match) and laughed her butt off. Every time we are on the monorail, like for every stop, we say the spiel along with Jack, as many do. (we also kiss every time we see the yellow monorail, wherever it is, since that will always be our mobile marriage monorail. 🙂

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    Absolutely! lol!

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    does reading trip reports fit this profile!?

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    Teresa M.

    Guily of #1 (dragged my husband around on our honeymoon despite not having been in the parks since I was a teenager 9 years prior), #3 (there are cheaper vacations you can take but they’ll never live up to Disney) and #4 ( I can’t wait to hear and repeat this phrase when we visit agian in August!).

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    What was the name of his other leg? 😉

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