Top 10 Ways to Get Ready for a Disney World Vacation

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Do you countdown the days until your Disney World Vacation? Do you have any special traditions or ways to get ready for your trip? I don’t know about you, but preparing for my Disney Vacation is half the fun! Here are a few of my Top 10 Ways to Get Ready!

10. Disney Movie Marathon-What better way to get in the Disney mood than to revisit a few magical classics? It’s also great to reacquaint your kids with a few characters they might meet during your trip!

9. Train-Disney guests typically walk between five to ten miles every day of their vacation! But don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds because you’re always waking from one magical experience to the next. However, to keep up your stamina and make conditions a little easier on your legs and feet, I suggest you train before your trip. How? Make it a priority to walk a little bit each day. I know, I know…this doesn’t exactly sound like fun; but you will appreciate it later! Plus, isn’t working out a little easier when you know that it’s all for Disney World?

8. Make a Photo List-Disney World is the ultimate place to take photos that you will treasure for years to come. Therefore, to get ready, make yourself a list of places where you want to get photos of you and the family! The standards photos of the park icons and the kids in Mouse Ears are a must; but try to be creative! How about a picture of each kid in front of their favorite attraction, enjoying a dessert, asleep on the Monorail, or their expressions when watching the fireworks?

7. Develop a Packing Strategy-The better you pack, the easier vacation life will be; and striking a balance between packing light and for those possible emergency situations requires strategy! It also helps you not wait until the last minute!

6. Watch the Free Disney Parks Planning DVDs-At, you can order free vacation planning DVDs, which are very helpful when planning your trip! However, for those of us who know Walt Disney World better than our own hometowns, these DVDs are a little glimpse of “home” and can really help you get psyched for upcoming vacation. Find out how to get one of your own here!

5. Make Some Pre-Park Purchases-There are a few things that are a “must” for me to have on a Disney Vacation, such as really comfortable shoes, a lightweight bag, and sunglasses. These three things make your days at the park a whole lot easier and more comfortable. But when it comes to souvenirs, there are a few things you may want to get before you go. For example, almost every little girl you see at WDW is wearing a Disney Princess dress at one time or another; and the odds are that your own little princess will want one too, especially now that Disney offers the popular Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. If that’s the case, I would suggest purchasing her a princess dress beforehand as the prices at Wal-Mart, Target, other toy stores, and even online are usually cheaper. It may be smart to pick up a few Disney toys to pacify the kids when they are begging for stuffed Disney plush toys or light-up items for parades before you go too.

4. Purchase Disney Gift Cards-Do you have a souvenir fund? Exchange your souvenir cash for Disney Gift Cards! At stores such as Target, Kroger, and Sam’s Club, you can purchase special Disney Gift Cards that can be used at the parks and resorts. The best part is that a $50 dollar gift card will only cost you $48 at most locations; and Kroger benefits will help you save on gas, giving you more money for your fund. While these savings are small, they can really add up! Plus, if you have any Wal-Mart gift cards laying around from Christmas or birthdays, you can use those cards at Sam’s Club saving you even more. This is a great way to make a little extra, as well as help you budget for your vacation.

3. Build Up Your Disney Fund-Want a little extra cash for your vacation fund? Have a yard sale, help the kids make a lemonade stand, coupon, cash in all that saved up change, and more! It’s fun to see how much you can generate toward your fund before you go, and it’s also going to make vacationing a lot easier on your wallet.

2. Make a Countdown Calendar-To help pass the time for you and the kids, make a countdown calendar! Many Disney fans make theirs out of paper chains and tear off a link each day until there’s none left; but get creative and make one your own! Get the kids involved and let them add some Disney stickers or their own touches. This way you can make a Disney memory before you even leave home! Find out how to make a special countdown craft here!

1. Make a Plan-Now I must say that I’m not a big fan of schedules. While I like to be up and going all day long, I think schedules are pretty much impossible to keep at WDW and tend to prevent guests from enjoying the little moments and details,  leaving them hot, tired, and exhausted. On the other hand,  I also believe that you need to have somewhat of a plan when you visit because Disney World is called just that for a reason. So before you go, I suggest making a plan for each day or a list of things you want to see and do, along with your ADRs; and let the rest of the day take care of itself! Tip: Check the extended weather forecast to help you plan; and remember that afternoon showers in Florida are very common but usually don’t last long!

How do you prepare for your Disney World Vacation? Do you have any tips to share?

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Top 10 Ways to Get Ready for a Disney World Vacation

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  1. Oh, I also do extreme couponing (but not too extreme) and the savings I get I put towards our trip 🙂

  2. I have never been and appreciate the tips. We are planning on only major items to do such as “parades and meet and greets”. We researched the cheapest places to eat in each park and making it a point to try to eat there. We are definatly doing reservations for dinner well ahead of time so that may help us. 🙂

  3. I keep one piece of luggage with all the disney stuff already packed, lanyards, pool safe, light up toys, my wonderful and broke in ‘park’ shoes!!! disney shirts we only wear at disney, ponchos, etc makes life much easier when I don’t have to remember where these things are.

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