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    Goofy's cousin

    We have our downstairs bathroom decked out in Disney stickers, a big mickey plush, lithographs, and select Disney toys. We have something Disney in every room and around our weeping willow is a huge hidden Mickey. My wife has a Disney purse and wallet and I have a Goofy keychain. We have Disney coffee mugs and a casserole dish as well as silverware.

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    Great suggestions! I never thought to get a Disney ringtone. I have a license plate that reads Tigger1. I also have a Tinkerbell keychain, Tinkerbell and several Disney villains cosmetics bags and sets, plush Tigger and Figment sitting on my desk, a crystal Tigger figurine on a side table with other crystal pieces and then there’s Winnie the Pooh clinging to a pole lamp as well as a Mickey shaped egg cooker, a Mickey shaped griddle ring, and Pooh and Tigger salt and pepper shakers so everywhere you look in my home is a little bit of Disney. My favorite top is a Minnie Mouse t shirt that I bought at The Emporium on Main Street, and a scarf that is dotted but then, look again and some of those “dots” are really hidden Mickeys! Don’t forget antenna toppers, luggage, handbags, shoes, hats, and even bedding, linens, and wall decor.

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