Top 10 Tips For Visiting Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

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I don’t know about you, but where I live spring has done nothing in the line of being sprung.  It is still cold, dreary, and gray.  Plants have fought the good fight and every now and then it seems like there will be a great big beautiful tomorrow, shinning at the end of every dreary day, but there is NOT…not yet.  Spring will come.  I am sure of it.  I think…

So, in the absence of  capri pants, sundresses, and the beginnings of warm days, I am dreaming.  Yes, I’m dreaming of something Disney.  Today, I’m dreaming of being at the parks, enjoying the warm sun and enjoying the many pool offerings available on Disney Property.  One of the most fun Disney trips I ever went on with was a friend and her family.  We drove down from South Carolina around midnight (no worries, we had a professional driver) and arrived in Orlando bright and early the next morning.  After securing our rental, we took advantage of a day at Typhoon Lagoon.  It was such a great idea!  We rested, renewed, and enjoyed our time on the many attractions at this water park.  I highly recommend adding in some water park days to your visit.  The best park is you can really stretch your vacation buck, by purchasing park tickets with the water park add on.  Water Park days don’t count as theme park days, so your vacation time can double by using water park tickets some days and theme park tickets for other days of your stay.

We really made a day of it at this awesome water park!  Today I’m listing off my top tips for making the most of your time in the sun…if that EVER happens…though I’m sure it will soon enough!  Take a look at my tips for Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon!

10.  Bring Your Own Towels

There is a non-refundable charge to rent towels.  Plan ahead and pack a few from home!  Don’t waste money on drying off!  Take a tip from Scar and BE PREPARED (maniacal laugh….maniacal laugh….maniacal laugh)!

9. Bring Your Own Food

There are quick service restaurants at Typhoon Lagoon to purchase food or use dining plan credits, but what I’m talking about here is food for snacking.  I don’t know what it is about playing in the water that makes me so hungry, but I like to have food to snack on handy.  Stash some snacks and enjoy your time in that lounge chair!

8. Bring Your Own  Cooler

On the heels of #9, I highly recommend bringing a cooler.  Now, I’m not talking about something huge that you have to lug around.  I’m talking about a small(ish) cooler that can easily be stocked with drinks and food (FYI no alcohol or glass bottles allowed).  What the heck, I might even get a little crazy and throw in some fresh fruit to snack on!

7. Leave the floats at home

You aren’t allowed to bring your own flotation devices.  That’s okay though, you can rent life vests (ID required) or you can enjoy rides that come fully equipped with floats, like Crushin’ Gusher (my personal favorite).

6. Bring Your Own Sun Protection

Don’t fall into the trap of buying marked up sun block, hats, or shades.  Bring your own and protect your skin!

5.  Pack a Pair of Water Shoes

I am saying this because I noticed I was doing a lot of barefoot walking.  However, this was a HUGE issue for me when it came time to go to the restroom.  I REFUSE to walk barefoot in the bathroom.  GROSS.  Bring water shoes and take that anxiety off your plate (okay, so  maybe it doesn’t yield the same results for you as it does me???).

4. Plan Your Swim Wear

Many rides in this park require swim wear to be free of buckles and such.  That’s all good and important.  But today, I’m pleading a case for thinking about what you look like after you shoot out the end of Humunga-Kowabunga going 30 mph.  A lot of, well, stuff could happen at that very moment.  String bikinis and scant trunks don’t provide the–cover– needed for these rides.

3. Check the weather

This park will close (for however long needed) in the event of storms.  Florida is known for its storms and for sure, you don’t want to be hanging out anywhere in the open should lightning come striking!  Check out the forecast and be prepared should the parks close.  Often, the parks will re-open after the storm blows over.

2.  Seal it Up

Bring water tight bags to close up items that you don’t want to get wet.  You can rent a locker for the day if you have valuables that you don’t want to leave laying around.  When we went, we took turns “guarding” our spots and valuables.  I brought a trusty ziptop bag to keep my things dry!

1. Capture the fun

I am all about fun pictures.  I think a waterproof camera (disposable or you can get fancy with those amazing “everything proof” camera and phone covers).  From swimming with friends in the Tidal Pool, rushing down the water slides, or snorkeling across the shark reef, you’ll want to snap some memories!  What the heck, snap some videos with that awesome smartphone.  Go ahead and be the next Youtube sensation!  Just remember to waterproof your gadgets!


I hope spring will find us soon!  Until then, you can get all prepared for the sun to shine!  I hope you’ll find this top 10 list to be helpful!  So now, let’s talk!  What is your favorite attraction at Typhoon Lagoon?  List them below in the comment section!


Thanks for reading and commenting!  See ya real soon!


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  2. I didn’t know that about the towels! Thank you for that tip! Will remember to do that. I also like your ziploc tip- that’s a good one. We’re going to Blizzard Beach next month, so this article was helpful.

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