Top 10 Signs You’re a Disney Addict

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We’ve all had friends that just “don’t get it”. They say Disney is just for kids. They wonder why we crave seeing the castle in person time and time again.  If you have ever experienced any of these symptoms please read on.

  1. You can relate any real-life situation to a particular Disney movie, quoting a specific scene or by bursting into song. Example: Someone falls down in front of you and you scream “Get up Bambi, GET UP!” at them. This is normally not well received.
  2. You refer to Disney World or Disneyland as “home” often confusing people in daily conversation.
  3. You have more Disney music on your iPhone, iPod, devices and CDs than you have non-Disney. This usually leads to a workout at the gym on shuffle and “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan coming up, which actually amps you up even more.
  4. Any time you leave for Disney you have an entire group of people who you have to ask if they “need anything?” while you’re in the parks.
  5. Most of your stories start with “One time in Disney…” or “remember in Disney when we…?” Example: “remember the time we posed the same way without planning it for the picture on Splash Mountain? Man that was classic”.
  6. Your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and car have more Mouse Ear items in them than the Disney Store. There are also more photos of your family and friends at Disney displayed in your home than anything else.
  7. More often than not your social media posts involve a photo of a Disney character making a funny quip or offering real- world advice. Example: “It’s Monday” posts always have a movie character crying or looking defeated. Same goes for rejoicing character photos on Fridays.
  8. You start planning your next trip on the way home from your current trip. The worst “mail” you’ll ever get is the departure notice from the Magical Express the day before you leave.
  9. On your birthday you receive children’s cards featuring the Princesses, Mickey and the gang or Frozen characters- and you’re totally ok with it.
  10. Everyone knows when you’re about to go to Disney because it’s ALL YOU TALK ABOUT!

If any of these sounds familiar you may be diagnosed with Disney Addiction. The only known treatment is prolonged Disney exposure and being surrounded like like-minded individuals. If you haven’t already done so, check out Disney Addicts and You Might Be a Disney Addict on Facebook. These support groups will fuel the magic!

Need your Disney fix? I’m Autumn, a Travel Magician with World of Magic Travel. I’d love to get you started on your next trip! Contact me today by email or on Facebook!

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  1. When you have mini posters of Disney attractions, Mickey Mouse and/or other Disney characters on your walls at home, Mouse ears, Disney figurines decorating your shelves or fireplace mantel.

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