Top 10 Pixar Movies – Where will Toy Story 3 Rank? *Updated*

With Toy Story 3 out today and Pixar’s 11th Movie out of the gate I wanted to try to break down the previous 10 movies from Pixar and try to do a before and after Toy Story 3.

I want to rate where Toy Story 3 will be on the list of Pixar Movies that have released. Will it be #1 on my list or will it fall short.

This can be something fun we all can do together so here is a list of Pixar Movies in my Top 10 order:

  1. Finding Nemo – This was the first Disney Movie my daughter watched. So it holds a very special place in my heart and it is just an all around great story. Just keep swimming!
  2. Monsters Inc – At my house we love yelling Mike Wazowski! This was a great movie and no matter how bad you feel it will put a smile on your face. Kitty!
  3. Toy Story – A Classic and the very first Pixar Film ever made. I remember seeing it in the theater and was just in awe!
  4. Up – Very sad but very uplifting film. Dug has to be one of the cutest Disney characters out there. “Hi there I have just me you but I love you!”
  5. Wall-e – A Romantic film from Pixar, who would have guessed. This is a very cute love story with very little dialogue. I say one of a kind for Disney/Pixar.
  6. Toy Story 2 – Yeeehaw! I love how it is 2 separate but intertwined stories that come together in the end.
  7. Cars – Maybe because I have seen this film over and over and over and over leaves me jaded towards it. We had to hide the dvd so our little one wouldn’t want to watch it again.
  8. Bug’s Life – Great cast and great story. A lot of people overlook this movie but it still a enjoyable watch.
  9. The Incredibles – ok Movie, kinda long though.  I guess if I had a little boy I would have watched this more but my little girl does not want to watch this at all.
  10. Ratatouille – Interesting story but something about rats in a kitchen just doesn’t do it for me.

So where will Toy Story 3 rank on this list? I will update this list on Monday with Toy Story 3’s rank.

Let us know your Top 10 Pixar Films in the comment section below.

So having seen Toy Story 3 I would put it in 2nd place below Nemo. While it I think its the best Toy Story Movie I think the completion of the series has alot to do with it. The movie was great and it did make you tear up in the end a little bit. It was sad to see the gang move on after so many years but atleast they have a great home with some really special new friends.

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  1. 1. WALL-E: This movie absolutely devastated me – in a good way. It touched me in a way no other movie (animated or live action) had in a very long time. The most thoughtful, intelligent Pixar movie to date. Definitely not a kid's movie.

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