Top 10: Disney World Rides/Attractions Where You Might Get Wet!

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There are thrills and fun around ever corner at Walt Disney World!  From the fast paced rides, big drops, loud noises, and everything else in between, it’s good to know what to expect when you are making your way through the parks.  Today I’m sharing with you my top 10 list of rides/attractions where you might get wet.  Maybe you’ll seek out these rides as a means to cool down.  Maybe you’ll plan around these rides to avoid a soak.  I’ll go ahead and say that many of the rides I’ve selected for this top 10 list are not a SOAKING wet type of wet, but there is a chance that you’ll leave a little more damp than you entered.  For organization purposes, the closer we get to #1, the wetter I think you’ll get. The top 3 are a bit of a tie for me, hopefully the way I organized this will help you gauge the wet factor!  Let’s get splashin!


10. Stitch’s Great Escape

Think squirting not so much soaking for this attraction.  As Stitch makes his Great Escape, you’ll see that he resorts to throwing off the DNA guns by sending his salavia soaring through the audience.  Be prepared to get a squirt or two.  I like this heads up, not because I’ll know to bring a change of clothes, you’ll probably be dry by the end of the show; rather, I like to mentally prepare for random squirts of “spit” to the face! (wet scale:  a tissue would remedy the water you’ll encounter in this attraction)

9. Jungle Crusie

Okay so we’re still on the tame side, but folks, you NEVER know what’s gonna happen on the jungle cruise.  From the crazy antics of those water spraying elephants to the dangers of the backside of water, you might get a teensy sprinkling.   None the less, if you’re hoping to stay pristine, you might be on the lookout for errant water drops. (wet scale: much like Stitch’s Great Escape, the wet factor here will be minimal at best.  A cloth to clean off sunglasses/glasses might be your best tool.)

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

The past few times I’ve ridden Pirates of the Caribbean, I’ve gotten splashed and walked off with a wet bottom.  I found the wettest parts of this other wise tame boat ride to be during the short fall and the scene with the cannons.  Make sure you check the bench seat of the boat before setting sail, you might be able to avoid the wet bottom.  I always make sure to stow away any “treasure”  (such as my camera and phone) before taking this voyage.  (wet scale:  you might need a paper towel or a few good minutes to let your bottom dry off…just long enough to get to the next ride!)

7.  Big Thunder Mountain

Who doesn’t love the wildest ride in the wilderness?  I know I do!  There are a few parts of this rip roaring good ride that you might find a  good refreshing mist or even a bit of a splash as you make your way through the gold mines.  Get ready for a wild ride with the possibility of a bit of wet!  (wet scale:  dry off with the ride, if needed a paper towel might come in handy).

6. The Maelstrom

World Showcases’ most exciting ride can be found within the Norway Pavilion!  The Maelstrom takes you through the viking and troll days of Norway’s past to modern day Norway with an exciting drop over the falls.  Don’t worry, you won’t be soaked to the bone, but you might just enjoy a refreshing splash of Water as the troll sends you on a free fall.  (wet scale:  again a paper towel will probably do the trick, the closer to the front of the boat, the more likely you’ll get a little wetter.)

5. Magic Carpets of Aladdin

My nephew loves this ride!  I’ve had more than my fair share of spins on Aladdin’s carpets and I’ve had my fair share of water torture by way of spitting camel.  As you ride, you have the ability to maneuver the carpet up and down and tilt it front and back-these maneuvers would be most beneficial to avoid becoming the camel’s target.  (wet scale:  if that camel gets you, you’re gonna have some splash damage.  A good wipe down with a paper towel will probably be your best bet.)

4.  Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure

This attraction isn’t going to get you soaked to the bone, but innocent park guest have become the target for flying water shot from  larger than life water guns and garden hoses.  Keep your eyes peeled and listen for the sound of the splatter if you want to avoid the soak.  Then again, if you want to take advantage of the cool down, make your way through the forest of faux grass and get your splash on! (wet scale”  if you get a blast from the Supersoaker water gun or hose, you’re gonna need some dry time.  Perhaps a trip by the bathroom to use the hand dryer.)

3.  Splash Mountain

Oh my gracious I love this ride!  I love the drops, the song, the scenery, I even love the completely soaked behind that I walk proudly away with.  This ride is pretty much a guaranteed soaker.  From the multiple drops to the sloshing water as your log raft makes its way to the happy place, you’re in for a wet ride.  I always put my backpack inside of my poncho before stowing it away for the ride, that way my camera and other personal items don’t get ruined.  I say the wetter the better—that’s really what this ride is all about.  (wet scale:  You’re probably going to experience wet clothes and shoes, there is a possibility of getting wet on the face, so you might want to pack a poncho to wear for the ride or bring a beach towel to dry off!)

2.   Casey Jr. Splash and Soak

Okay, so if you dare enter this play area, be prepared to be soaked.  I highly recommend avoiding this area if you don’t want to get wet, especially if you are with little ones (the lure is too great to make your way past this splash area without a meltdown).  The play area features a water play area complete with a circus train of soaking good fun.  Packing an extra set of clothes might be your best route.  In the Florida heat, this area is a welcome relief! (wet scale:  if you’re gonna play here you’re gonna be soaked.  If you don’t mind drippy clothes and soggy shoes, then you might want to bring a beach towel and change of clothes/shoes.  This ones a dozy.)


1.  Kali River Rapids

Think wet rat.  That is EXACTLY what is most probably going to happen on this ride.  From head to toe, you are subject to getting soaked to the core!  I will go say up front that there is always “that person” who either a.) Gets hit by every single drop of water and walks off looking like they’ve been swimming or b.) Stays as dry as a bone.  I’ve been both.  Either way, it’s best to prepare for this ride.  Since you do have the possibility of being soaked, plan ahead as to when you’ll ride, packing a change of clothes/shoes  (if you need to).  You can take some steps to minimize the wet factor, like wearing a poncho (oh yes, I’ve totally been that girl).  Also, it helps to put your feet up on the bar when you ride, that way your feet will stay relativity dry.  Finally, make sure you keep anything you want to stay dry inside the protected area and double up by placing any thing that is electronic, etc. in a ziplock baggy inside of your park bag.  (wet scale:  there’s a VERY good chance that you are going to be wet to the core.  Bringing a change of clothes, a beach towel, and extra shoes (don’t forget socks) is a good idea.  You don’t want to have to resort to the hand dryers for this one.  You’ll most likely be dripping head to toe!)


I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun list of my top 10 rides/attractions where you might get wet.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!  From the miniscule mist to the spectacular soak, this list has you covered!  Share with us your tips for these wet rides in the comment section below.


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