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    Doug Means

    so why not make it a top 12 list??

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    Christina Marie Gentle

    Those are basically the ones I HAVE to ride when I go to Disneyland. Except Kilmanjaro Safari and Expedition Everest since they aren’t at Disneyland. I MAY be going to Disney World for the very first time in March but will only have two days. Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain are two of my favorite rides, plus Magic Kingdom is a must for a first trip to Disney World (right?) So I know we are for sure going to Magic Kingdom. But I can’t decide if we should do Epcot or Hollywood Studios (we’ll save Animal Kingdom for a week long trip with the kids in the future). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tower of Terror at California Adventure probably my most favorite ride of all, and I hear the one at Hollywood Studios is like ten times better…but Epcot has booze…what’s a girl to do!? Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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    Marie Rossi

    I know it’s not the most popular, but I always have to ride “Dinosaur” in Animal Kingdom (or Countdown to Extinction, as I still stubbornly call it). I actually disagree with Soarin’. I rode it when it first came out, and my friends and I found it a bit boring. I do like Toy Story, but the lines are so long I usually just write it off and use my time for other things. (Although, maybe it’s not as crowded in Florida anymore? In Japan, it’s more like a big trap that sucks all the guests away from other things first thing in the morning, so I can enjoy other rides without lines).

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    Voyage of the Little Mermaid is a show in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The newest ride in Magic Kingdom is called Under the Sea: Journey of the Litle Mermaid.

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    Melissa Geib-Lightner

    I’d swap out Expedition Everest for Tower of Terror (can’t handle the backwards part) and maybe Soarin’ for Rock’n Roller Coaster (again, l I get motion sickness). My absolute favorite is the Haunted Mansion, which is weird because I don’t like scary stuff usually.

  6. 2

    Theresa Martin

    I would swap out Kali River Rapids for Expedition Everest any day. I don’t think Expedition Everest lives up to the hype that accompanied the launch of the ride. I enjoy the chance to get wet on a hot Florida day than another roller coaster.

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    I’d swap out Jungle cruise for Splash. But I agree with you overall 🙂

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