The Top 10 Disney Movies – #2

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Episodes & Reels is delivering our monthly Top 10 List a little differently this time around.  We will post one entry in the countdown each night from Jan 23 – Feb 3 on Chip and Co until we finally reveal #1!  Now back to the countdown with our runner-up, the #2 animated Disney film of all-time:

Beauty and the Beast, 1991

#2 –  BEAUTY & THE BEAST (1991)
Stars: Paige O’Hara, Robby Benson

Directors: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise
Rating: G

As far as the “Princess” storyline goes, Beauty and the Beast may be the all-time best.  Belle is a beautiful, yet simple girl who never really dreamt of becoming a Princess, but rather of falling in love.  Of course, it helps when the person that you fall in love with has a brutal curse that can only be lifted by love, thus turning him back to a Prince.  Disney’s reimagining of this classic French fairy tale from the 1700s is timeless.  It features some of their most memorable characters, which not only include Belle and the Beast, but also the Beast’s servants around the castle that have been turned into furniture and trinkets – Lumiere (the candlestick), Cogsworth (the clock), Mrs. Potts (the teapot) and Chip (the teacup) just to name a few.  We also get one of the most conceited and often hilarious bad-guys in Disney’s sinister depot of villainous characters, Gaston.  The music in this one is just as much of a star as any of these characters.  Who can forget the title track “Beauty and the Beast” sung by “Murder She Wrote” star, Angela Lansbury (voice of Mrs. Potts), or “Be Our Guest,” which has become one of Disney’s most recognizable ensemble numbers, often used in advertisements for visiting their theme-parks.  Beauty and the Beast has just been released in theatres again, this time in 3D, so the timing has never been better to re-live this classic or to be introduced to it for the first time.

Watch the 3-D Verison’s Trailer

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