Top 10 Disney Inspired Baby Boy Names

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What’s in a name? Well, if it is the name you’re giving to your child there is a lot riding on your choice. The name that you choose will stay with your child for the rest of your life. Therefore it is important to pick a name that won’t embarrass your child later in life. This includes making sure that hurtful nicknames can’t be pulled form their name and that their initials don’t spell out something that isn’t very nice. Another important thing to think about, especially if you are a Disney Addict, is how to incorporate your Disney addiction into your child’s name, but perhaps without making it completely obvious that they were named after a Disney character.

So, without further ado we have the top ten Disney inspired baby boy names according to Disney Baby. Oh and if you missed my Disney Baby Girl names click here.

  • Andy – Andy is traditionally used as a nickname for Andrew, but Andy itself is also a popular name. In 2014 it ranked as the 281st most popular name according to the Social Security Administration, Andrew was number 22. This is a great traditional name, but it also allows you to incorporate your love for Disney by naming your child after Woody and Buzz’s owner.
  • Bruce – Bruce is a tough guy name, so if you already have plans for your little one to be involved in sports later in life than naming them after a shark from Finding Nemo is a great way to go.
  • Chip – Chip itself is not an incredibly popular name, but it is often used as a nickname for Charles which ranked 51st on the list of most popular names in 2014. You can follow the pack and name your child Charles, but call them Chip for short, or you can embrace the spirit of the lovable chipmunk and give your child a unique name!
  • Christopher – Christopher is an incredibly popular name throughout the world, as is the nickname Chris. The name means “bearing Christ”, and Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers – how perfect for Disney fans! The Disney influence comes from Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Dale – Another chipmunk name! This name can actually be use for boys or girls, and while it is not an incredibly popular name these days, I have personally known multiple Dales (one of which was a girl). The originated as a last name for those that lived in a dale or a valley.
  • Donald – It is time for this name to make a comeback! It is of Celtic origin and means “ruler of the world”. A popular nickname for those named Donald is Don. Donald is obviously one of the very best friends of Mickey Mouse!
  • Finn – The name Finn is quickly becoming popular, and it is especially popular all over Europe. It is derived from Irish mythology, and while it is often seen as a last name, like Huckleberry Finn, it is a super cool first name as well. The Disney inspiration here comes from secret agent Finn McMissle in Cars 2.
  • Jim – Jim and especially its root James are incredibly popular. James currently ranks number 9 on the list of most popular names and there are a whole lot of Disney characters that you could be naming your child after with this one. Jim Hawkins is the lead character in both Treasure Planet and Muppet Treasure Island! There is also the ever famous James P. Sullivan from Monsters Inc.
  • Max – There are so many possibilities if you want to name your little one Max. Max itself is a great name, but it can also be a nickname for something like Maxwell, Maximillian, Maximus, or Maxime. Max is the name of Goofy’s son and there is also the beloved Maximus from Tangled.
  • Mickey – Last, but certainly not least, you could name your little one after the Mouse himself! This variant of Michael will certainly help you show your Disney side!

Is your little one named after a Disney character? Let us know in the comments!

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