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    Universe of Energy (formerly/aka Ellen’s Energy Adventure) in Epcot is very often overlooked. It always looks like it’s either closed or that there’s a ton of people outside in line and makes you think that the wait could be forever (like with Soarin’ – but au contraire, mon ami!). True, you may have to wait up to 17 minutes to be admitted, and there’s a pre-show (8 minutes), and then the show itself (37 minutes; pre-show + main show = about 45 minutes), but the ride itself can hold about 600 guests! And it’s air-conditioned! It’s a GREAT way to break up a busy or hot day or if you REALLY need to rest. Plus it stars two funny ladies, Ellen DeGeneres and Jamie Lee Curtis!

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    That’s good to hear – 7 out of the 10 listed are my favorite rides/attractions (TTA #1).

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    Karen harris

    I remember riding the train when we were there as a kid. A great way to get to the back of the park first thing in the morning. (is that still the case?

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    April Stansberry

    You forgot Carousel of Progress! It is awesome & never any wait. Plus it’s air conditioned 🙂

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    TTA has always been one of my favorites, and we love to take my daughter to the Country Bear Jamboree.

  6. 3

    Lynn Green Brooks

    Muppet 3D would be one of my top 10. Hardly ever a long line when I go.

  7. 2

    Lynn Green Brooks

    Oh and my kids LOVE Country Bear Jamboree. Just reminds me of home here in the mountains of NC.

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    Lynn Green Brooks

    The TTA is one of my favs. And I am sad about the Backlot tour, it will be closed while I am at WDW.

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