Tomorrowland Rocks Take On A New Galactic Blue Hue


If you have recently visited Tomorrowland in the Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, you may have noticed that the rocks at the entrance are taking on a new galactic blue hue.  The color varies between metallic light blue and deep dark blue, with hints of purple and bronze.  This color change certainly looks more out of this world than the previous desert brown colors.

The base-coat paint is more of a bronze color with a tan overlay and flecks of gold.  These are the rocks that run between Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant, to the right of the bridge as you enter Tomorrowland from the hub.  We will keep a look-out for the completed look in the near future.

The scaffolding is still up on the side of the rocks facing the water, to the left of the bridge as you enter into Tomorrowland from the hub, near Stitch’s Great Escape. The People Mover passes right over this location so you might want to hop aboard and have a look for yourself.  We are hopeful that these cool galactic blue-hued rocks are setting a precedent for the future of Tomorrowland.

What do you think of the new color scheme?  Please leave your comments in the box below.

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